The NFL referees are back, and thank God for that. Stealing tiny airplane liquor bottles? Not a good idea. And mocking the iPhone 5 obsession

Well it’s about time and not a minute too soon. The NFL “real” referees, the ones who haven’t been making a mockery of the sport we love for the past three weeks, with phantom calls and ridiculous decisions that cost teams game, are back on the field and in their jobs.

Very late Wednesday night, perhaps after all the negotiators fasted for Yom Kippur and atoned for their sins, the NFL and Referee’s Association agreed on a deal that will put the regular zebras back on the field as soon as tonight.

It’s amazing that the NFL owners were so tone-deaf that they let their product get so devalued like this for three weeks. As a very pro-union person myself, I was also impressed that the referees seem to get much of what they wanted, if not 100 percent of it.

It’s a disgrace that Green Bay lost Monday night because of incompetence, but hopefully from here on out we can watch NFL games that are at least called by people who know what the hell they’re doing.

Course, as soon as a phantom penalty gets called against the Jets, I’ll be screaming and yelling at these guys I’m so happy to have back today.

Here’s a funny column from Jason Gay at the Wall Street Journal; it’s a “going-away letter” from the replacements to the real referees.”

**I loved this video because it totally mocks the obsession people seem to have with the new iPhone 5. A guy dresses up as an Apple employee and pretends to drop a whole bunch of new iPhones, causing the people waiting on line for hours to act as if their dog just died.

Pretty funny. And pretty sick. It’s a phone, people, just a phone.

**Finally, I love this story. Eighteen employees at JFK Airport here in New York were arrested last week, for allegedly stealing 100,000 tiny airplane liquor bottles, ostensibly to sell them on the black market (is there a black market for tiny liquor bottles? This story says yes; they sold them to bodegas and liquor stores).

My question about all this is not how they snuck them out of the airport (they are, after all, tiny.). No, my question is this: When the police raided one of the defendant’s houses upon making the arrest, they found 50,000 tiny bottles there.

Fifty thousand??? How in the world does this guy have room for 50,000 tiny bottles in his house?

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