The inspiring story of Adam Greenberg, getting 1 more shot at bat. A TV theme-song mashup from Jimmy Fallon. And “Big Bang” is back

It’s a rare Good News Friday when I tip my cap to the Miami Marlins baseball team. But that’s where I start today, because of a wonderful gesture they’re making to a guy who’s one shot at the big leagues was cruelly taken away.

Adam Greenberg was once a hot prospect in the Chicago Cubs organization, and on July 9, 2005 fulfilled every kid’s dream by getting into his first major-league game.
But on the first pitch he saw, a 92-miles per hour fastball from a Marlins pitcher named Valerio De los Santos, Greenberg was drilled in the head. It was his only at bat in the big leagues, as for the last seven years the kid has tried and tried to make it back to the majors.

Can you imagine the frustration Greenberg must’ve felt, getting so close to your dream but not really getting to touch it?
After just about every big-league team has taken a pass on Greenberg’s attempts to come back, a filmmaker named Matt Liston started an Internet publicity tour, trying to convince a club to give Greenberg just one more at-bat.

Well, in a beautiful twist, it was the Marlins reached out to Greenberg this week, and told him they were signing him to a one-day contract.

Next Tuesday, Adam Greenberg will get to play in the majors again, and finally get a real at-bat in the bigs.
Happy endings sometimes really can happen.

**Jimmy Fallon and friends are back with a great song mash-up; so many wonderful TV theme show songs here, and of course “The Greatest American Hero” is thrown in. It gets good around 45 seconds in…)

**Finally, it’s definitely good news that the funniest show on television came back with new episodes Thursday night. Watching “The Big Bang Theory” now, when everyone in the the world watches it, knowing that I was hooked from season 1, is like having a big secret and then the rest of the world finds out.

Last season ended on such a high note, with Howard blasting off into space, and the other couples showing real growth, that I couldn’t wait for this season to begin.

The good news was Thursday night’s episode was pretty funny; Raj drunk, giving love advice to Penny and Leonard, was terrific. And Howard’s mother being annoying and guilting her son even while he was in outer space… classic. (And the Russian guy’s line was great “And to think these people won the Cold War.”)

But I’m starting to get annoyed at the Amy-Sheldon relationship. At the end of last season it looked like completely emotionless automaton Sheldon finally was getting into a real relationship with real feelings with Amy, but Thursday it was back to normal, Sheldon being a total dumbass with Amy. Starting to wonder why she would put up with him this long.

I’m afraid this fantastic show is going to go overboard trying to stop Sheldon from growing like a normal human being.

Otherwise, it’s still the funniest 30 minutes of TV every week. If you’re not watching it by now, you just must not like to laugh.

2 responses to “The inspiring story of Adam Greenberg, getting 1 more shot at bat. A TV theme-song mashup from Jimmy Fallon. And “Big Bang” is back

  1. Must be my old news guy cynicism coming back, but what if this kid gets his second big chance at the big leagues, and he gets beaned in the head by another pitch?

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