Romney wipes the floor with Obama in debate. My slightly-delayed “Homeland” review. And the new kids birthday party favorite in Fla.: Alligators

That debate last night between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was an unmitigated disaster for the President.
If it were a boxing match, it would’ve been stopped on a TKO about 30 minutes in.
It was stunning and dispiriting and frankly, unbelievable to me how bad Obama’s performance was. He seemed bored and passion-less, like a kid sentenced to detention just hoping to get through the 90 minutes unscathed. He looked down and scowled and except for one or two moments, did a terrible job defending what he’s done over the past four years.

Incredibly, it was Mitt Romney, as phony and false a candidate for President that I can ever recall, who was in command. He bullied moderator Jim Lehrer (who was awful, by the way, allowing himself to get steamrollered), he made his points aggressively and, even though he at times seemed like a guy who’d been chugging Red Bull for 72 hours, seemed much more Presidential.

Of course, Romney lied throughout the debate, about his own record (Dude, you can’t claim credit for Mass. schools being No.1, you were governor SIX years ago!), about his economic plan (completely lying about tax cuts), and about Obama’s plan (the $716 million Medicare cut he decried was rich considering his own veep has the same cuts in mind).

But Obama, whether he was just playing it safe ’cause he’s winning, or whatever, never hit back. Didn’t bring up the 47 percent comment, didn’t attack on overseas job shipping, didn’t attack on Romney’s extreme right positions on so many issues.

All that said, I’m not going crazy and hysterical, overreacting like my man Andrew Sullivan, who thinks this may have cost Obama the election.

Debates don’t decide elections, and plus, this debate Wednesday was so wonky and detailed and policy-heavy I think it probably went over the heads of most Americans.

Still, it was a bad, bad night for Barack Obama.

**OK, I’m an idiot sometimes (ask anyone). I said I’d write about the season premiere of “Homeland” in Tuesday’s blog and then I just plum forgot. So a few days late, here’s a short review of a very strong opening episode:
— Surprised at how quickly they threw Carrie back into the fire of a real-live case; I mean, it seemed like 10 minutes after she was picking flowers in the garden and teaching English, she was walking through the streets of Beirut evading bad guys. Just seemed way too fast for her to be back in action.

— I loved the new journalist/terrorist character Roya, although that whole scene where Brody was sneaking around Estes’ office was a little contrived; how the hell did she know how long it would take him to steal the files? But her scene with Brody in his office was pitch-perfect.

–I’m very curious to see how they deal with Brody’s wife knowing he’s a Muslim. She seemed totally freaked out by it, and by his reaction when she threw the Koran on the ground.
— Finally, I love that look on Brody’s face when he was talking to Estes about the drone attacks. You just knew he was killing Estes with his eyes there.

So happy the new season has started; watch this show if you’re not yet.

**Finally today, another wacky story from the state of Florida, a place I came to love after living there for five years. Looking for a cool idea for your kid’s next birthday party, and bowling and pizza parties just aren’t cutting it?
Just hire an alligator, that’s all!

Yes, alligator wranglers are making appearances at kids birthday parties in Florida now. For $175, you can hire Bob Barrett and he’ll bring an alligator pool (and an alligator) to entertain the tykes! Don’t worry, the alligators’ mouth is taped shut, so what could go wrong?



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