Good News Friday: A high school athlete puts sportsmanship above all. A beautiful video about a soldier’s son and “thank you.” And enterprising kids catch a really awful driver

There are so many wonderful things about high school sports, and that’s coming from a guy who saw the best and worst of it as a sportswriter covering preps for many years.
Usually we only hear about the bad things that go on, the cheating coaches, the obnoxious parents, all that stuff.

So stories like this remind us that these are just kids, the vast majority of whom are really, really nice. Seth Goldstein was in a high school cross country race in Tennessee recently when he noticed another runner fall to the ground.

Everyone else in the race kept running. Seth, a lifeguard, didn’t. He immediately stopped to help the boy, who was bleeding from the mouth, and took control of a scary situation until paramedics arrived, rolling the boy (undergoing a seizure) onto his side so he wouldn’t asphyxiate.

When the paramedics arrived, and the fallen athlete was being worked on by professionals, he asked them “Can I go finish my race?”

Bravo, Seth Goldstein. He stopped to help, instead of going on running.

**So I know a lot of liberals and Democrats like me are still annoyed about Barack Obama’s dreadful performance in the debate Wednesday night. But this video I saw a few days ago, sent to me and other supporters by the campaign, really moved me. It’s a little boy in Colorado named Ian, who just wanted to say thanks to the President for bringing his dad home.

**Finally, I’m classifying this as “good news” because I love it when people get caught trying to break the law, in an incredibly reckless and dangerous fashion.
Here’s what happened: Some teenagers on a school bus, and the driver, noticed that a car behind them was always driving up onto the sidewalk and trying to pass the bus while it stopped to help a disabled student on to and off the bus.

So the driver and the school district in Cleveland set up a sting operation one day in September, waiting for Shena Hardin to do it again. And the kids on the bus filmed her for evidence.
Oh, and by the way? That area where Hardin drove on the sidewalk? There’s a daycare center right there. She could’ve killed some kids. I hope she goes to jail.
Good job, school bus riders!


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