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An awesome tribute to video games by the Ohio State band. The Sandusky story ends quietly. And liberals, calm down about Obama

Sometimes a video is so awesome I have to lead the blog with it.
This was from the Ohio State marching band last weekend, performing a tribute to video games from the past, including Tetris, Halo, Super Mario Bros. and others.

The choreography is amazing, and the sequence from 5:55-6:20 is just sick.

**Catching up on some reading today with some of my favorite political journalists, and man oh man, you would think Barack Obama slaughtered a litter of puppies on national television, the way he is being eviscerated right now.

Look, I know the debate last week was terrible. I know Obama let Romney walk all over him, lie through those perfect white teeth, and the latest poll has him down four points, yada yada yada.
But people, there’s still a month to go before Election Day. There are two more presidential debates, including one on foreign policy, a subject Mittens seems to know absolutely nothing about (his speech Monday was embarrassing, straight out of W.’s “we’re Amerka and we’re the best and we’ll save the world!” playbook.)

We’ve got a VP debate this week where Joe Biden will wipe the floor with Paul Ryan, whose arithmetic doesn’t add up just like Mittens.’ And we’ve got swing states whose unemployment numbers are going down, which is good for the incumbent.

Plus, do you really think Romney can go a month without another serious screw-up of the tongue? I don’t.

So my fellow Democrats, my message to you is: Chill out. Relax (like Frankie says in the video above). It’s going to be OK.  Obama’s still winning this thing. I’m not worried.

**Finally, the Jerry Sandusky saga has come to and, legally at least, as the disgraced former Penn State assistant who molested and abused so many innocent young boys was sentenced to 30 years for his crime. The 68-year-old will die in prison, alone and disgraced, and he went out on Tuesday with a disgusting, self-inflating speech in the courtroom, as some of his brave victims watched.

I’m glad he’s going to rot in jail, and I’m glad there were some young men heroic enough to tell the truth about what happened to them. And looking at Sandusky now, a year after the scandal first broke, I still get angry at what he was allowed to do at Penn State, when many knew of his deeds and let it go, all to protect King Football.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo!, one of the best sports reporters in America right now, has a great column about Sandusky’s last day as a free man here.