Daily Archives: October 12, 2012

Joe Biden comes through big-time in debate. A wonderful gesture by an Eagle Scout. And a very cool video with Fun. and cell phones

Thoughts while wondering if the Yankees and Orioles will play 19 innings of scoreless baseball tonight… can’t anyone score in that series?

Well thank you Joe Biden, for showing your boss how it’s done.

In a performance worthy of a Broadway stage Thursday night, the vice-president of the United States (hailing from the great state of Delaware) took apart his youthful challenger during the debate, calling out Paul Ryan on his many lies and distortions as Ryan was telling them.

And among all the other things me and other Democrats are proud of Biden for today, that I think is the biggest. The VP didn’t let Ryan’s mistruths and lies linger in the air for a few minutes while he was speaking them, he interrupted and stammered and loudly protested immediately, so the American public watching wasn’t able to even start to believe what Ryan was spewing.

I thought Biden was terrific on the economy, bring up Romney’s 47 percent comment, finally saying what Obama should have said about the debt (namely, “Where do you think that debt came from? George W. Bush putting two wars on our credit card!”), and I thought Biden’s answers on Afghanistan and Libya showed a much greater knowledge of the subjects than Ryan has.

And major kudos to Martha Raddatz, who showed what a moderator should do. She steered the conversation, asked tough follow-up questions, and actually asked Ryan to explain the Romney/Ryan math on the economy, which of course Ryan couldn’t do with specifics.

I give Ryan credit as well; he stuck to his script, he had the best one-liner of the night (“I think the vice-president very well knows, that sometimes the words don’t come out of you mouth the right way”) and he made as passionate an argument as he could.

But Biden got the ship back on course last night. No, it probably didn’t change many voters’ minds. But he certainly made Dems feel a whole lot better about our ticket, and showed Obama exactly what he has to do next week.

Great job Joe.

**I have no idea why someone thought to do this, but the result is terrific. My future mother-in-law sent me this video of “Mystery Guitar Man” Joe Penna mapped four phones over a large format video, which were then synchronized and filmed from a ceiling-mounted camera.

A very cool song, and a very cool video.

**Finally, here’s another Good News story to warm your heart a little bit. As you know, disgustingly, the Boy Scouts of America refuses to let gay kids or gay adults be in their private organization. But a former Eagle scout named Andrew Zerbinopolous wants to give his Eagle Scout badge to 17-year-old Ryan Andresen, because Andresen’s scout master denies the teenager a badge because of his homosexuality.

“If I can make him feel like he has some support out there, it’s worth it to me to send him a piece of metal,” Zerbinopolous said.

It’s offensive that this kind of a gesture is necessary, but it’s a beautiful stand taken by a “model” scout. More details of the story here.