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A terrific Jets win has them tied for 1st. A dispiriting Yankees loss pretty much dooms them. And the guy who jumped from outer space

Well that was a decidedly mixed and bittersweet sports Sunday for yours truly.
More sweet than bitter, because I’m a bigger New York Jets fan than I am a Yankees fan, but still (If pressed, I would say my diehard sports allegiances rank is: 1, Jets, 2. New York Rangers, 3. Duke basketball, 4, Yankees baseball, 5, Brooklyn Nets basketball. Not that you necessarily needed all that information, but I’m here to share.)

Let’s start with the good. I expected the Jets to have a shot to win Sunday against the Colts, because Indy’s not nearly as good as San Francisco, Houston (they get a mulligan for Sunday night) or Pittsburgh, but I did not expect a 35-9 walloping.

Everything went perfectly for Gang Green, starting with the running game, which to this point in the season had been MIA. Shonn Greene looked like the same guy from 2 years ago, bullying and bruising his way through big holes the O-line created.
Mark Sanchez did what he needed to, simply hitting his receivers when they were open and making two really nice throws on his TD passes. The defense realized it was allowed to hit the other team’s QB, and did so repeatedly.

Really good win for my boys. I still don’t think they’re any good, but hey, look at the standings, everyone in the AFC East is 3-3 right now. A four-way tie for first, or for last (I guess it depends on your perspective on life which way you see it.)

Some other quick-hit NFL thoughts on Week 6:
— Man, that was a hellacious beatdown the Packers put on Houston Sunday night. Where’s that Green Bay offense been all year, Aaron Rodgers?
— That was one serious statement by the Giants in San Fran. They obliterated the 49ers, 26-3. I have no idea which Giants team will show up week to week, but they looked like the best team in football on Sunday.
— Hell of a comeback by Seattle to stun New England. Brady and his boys looked pretty mortal in the 4th. Jets-Pats, next Sunday in Foxboro. Even after Sunday, I’d say 38-10 New England sounds about right.
— If you haven’t seen RGIII’s incredible touchdown run in the 4th quarter Sunday, watch it here. Man this kid is fast.

**And then there’s the Yankees. Let’s face it, the Bronx Bombers were fortunate to get by the Orioles; those two teams were pretty dead even. Now against Detroit, even with some Raul Ibanez magic Saturday night, the Yanks’ offense has been beyond putrid.
Pathetic, awful, whatever you want to call it. Sunday night, with the great Derek Jeter out with a broken ankle, the Yanks mustered four measly hits.
It’s amazing how every single guy in the lineup, especially A-Rod and Cano (the latter is O-for-his-last-26, which is really hard to do for a big leaguer. 0-for 26!) look so lost at the plate. They’re barely even hitting the ball hard.
So the Tigers are up 2-0, and have Cy Young likely winner Justin Verlander going in Game 3, and yeah, the Yankees seem pretty much done.

Delighting millions of haters everywhere.

**OK, is there any doubt that Felix Baumgartner has the all-time best story to tell at his next high school reunion?

“So Felix, whatcha been up to?”
“Oh, not much. Just, you know, jumping out of a capsule from outer space and breaking the speed of sound.”

Sunday, Baumgartner, a 43-year-old Austrian achieved one of the coolest feats in recorded history, leaping 120,000 feet from the edge of space in the greatest skydive you could possibly do.

Watch the video (below), and if your jaw doesn’t drop in the first 30 seconds, it may be wired shut and you should consult a dentist immediately.