Another GOP Senate candidate talks offensively about rape. “Parenthood” hitting its groove again. And a time-lapse video to take your breath away

Scattered thoughts on a Thursday while wondering if San Francisco Giants hitter Pablo Sandoval (homers in first three at-bats in World Series Game 1 Wednesday) ever dreamt anything that crazy when he was a kid). And check out the kids in the top row of this great photo of Obama Wednesday.

It’s truly amazing how many times during this election season a Republican politician has gotten into trouble talking about rape.
There was, of course, Todd Akin of Missouri. Linda McMahon in Connecticut, too. (Here’s a handy if frightening guide to all the different “kinds of rape” the GOP feels there is.)
Now there’s Richard Mourdock, a Republican Senate candidate in Indiana who’s locked in a tight race with Democrat Joe Donnelly. During a debate Tuesday night, Mourdock was talking about abortion. Given the previous missteps of high-profile Republicans this year, you’d think he’d be smart enough to be careful with what he said.

But nope.

This is what Mourdock said Tuesday: “The only exception I have to have an abortion is in that case of the life of the mother,” Mourdock said. “I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something God intended to happen.”

Disgusting and abhorrent. This man shouldn’t get withing 500 yards of a woman’s right to choose, and his absolute pathetic insinuation that it’s God’s will that a raped woman has a child ought to shame him for 100 years.

But here’s my question: Why, why, why do these politicians even go NEAR the subject of rape? Given their position, there is no good answer, whatsoever. You’d think a party that tap-dances around so much else would figure out a way to avoid this landmine.

But nope, into the trap door of his own mouth Richard Mourdock goes. Just awful.

**Some videos are just too beautiful for words. Watch this Reid Gower time lapse called “Natural Phenomena” and be amazed at the natural beauty in the world.

**Time for one of my semi-regular “Parenthood” raves, which I know my two friends who are huge fans of the show, April and Jenn, will enjoy.

Sometimes I’m mad at the show, but lately it’s been really good, and Tuesday night’s was excellent. Some scattered questions/thoughts…

— Peter Krause is an exceptional actor, everything he’s ever been in he’s been good at (I still miss “Dirty Sexy Money.”). Adam and Kristina are carrying the show right now, and the breast cancer storyline has really been great and very realistic. I think the show always has stuff happen to Adam and Kristina because Krause is the best actor on the show and they just want to give him stuff to do.

— To quote my delightful father during this episode, “Lauren Graham (Sarah Braverman) is the worst mother in the history of the world.” Not sure I’d go that far, but yeah.
She kisses Ray Romano while engaged to Mr. Cyr, then panics and moves in with Cyr and schleps her poor son Drew, midway through his senior year of high school, in with the fiancee who we just know she isn’t going to marry.
She has been a consistently terrible mother for just about the whole run of the show. Hell, Lorelai Gilmore was better than her and she got knocked up at 16.

— That scene with Crosby and Jabbar praying was adorable, especially when Jabbar, upon hearing Crosby tell God about Kristina’s cancer, says “Oh, he knows that already.”

— My fiancee brought up a really good point: Kristina’s going through breast cancer surgery, yet her family is nowhere to be found, anywhere. As far as we know, she and Joel have no parents or siblings; only Braverman family members can be shown.

— You just knew Jason Katims (the brains behind “Parenthood”) wasn’t going to embarrass Max during his speech for student council. It was warm and moving and just a great little scene, especially Haddie’s reaction.
— Have to steal this comment from a message board post I read about “Parenthood” tonight, and it will only make sense to other “Friday Night Lights” fanatics:
” Last season Haddie went out with Vince Howard. This season Amber is going out with Luke Cafferty. I look forward to next season’s arc, when Sydney goes out with Tinker.”


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