Daily Archives: November 2, 2012

Good News Friday, all-Sandy edition: NY’ers come together. Cory Booker invites people into his home. And a Staten Island hotel owner chooses evacuees over runners

Pretty pooped again tonight after some more work today delivering supplies to folks in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, who are desperately in need of water, food, and shelter.

I know this blog has been very Sandy-heavy this week, but honestly, living in NYC it’s really hard to focus on anything else right now.

But it is Friday, so I found plenty of Good News to be talking about today.

First, this is a great column by Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal, which gets at the heart of New Yorkers like few others things I’ve read this week. Yes, New Yawkers have the well-earned reputation of being obnoxious know-it-alls who think we have it better than anyone, and that tourists and other NY’ers are often nuisances.

But in a crisis, well, it can be a beautiful city to be a part of.

**Next, here’s Newark, New Jersey mayor Cory Booker, doing a little something very few politicians have ever done: He’s inviting those rendered homeless by the storm to stay in his house.

It started innocently enough on Twitter Thursday, when a Newark resident told Booker that she lived near him and was without power, and could she come over?
He said yes, which led to a dozen more people coming to chill at Chez Booker.

Very, very cool. As I said to a friend Thursday night, the NJ governor’s race between Booker and everyone’s new favorite leader, Chris Christie, in two years, is going to one hell of a race.

**Finally, a big controversy Thursday continued to be the city’s lame-brained decision to keep the New York City marathon on schedule Sunday. I understand why they’re doing it (so many thousands flying in, sponsor money, the economic boom to the city it provides every year) but it’s really just a bad, bad move.

However, at least one hotel owner is standing up to the race. Richard Nicotra, who owns a hotel on storm-ravaged Staten Island, has refused to honor marathon runners’ previous room reservations while he allows storm refugees to stay for a few more days.

It’s something many with a conscience would do, but it’s still a nice sight to see someone with priorities higher than the bottom line.