Daily Archives: November 8, 2012

The Election in 100 seconds, in case you missed it. A movie mash-up on steroids. And an awesome girl destroys boys on football field

Since Tuesday night was so much about “girl power” in politics, let’s start today with the story of 9-year-old from Utah named Sam Gordon, a youth football player who positively unstoppable as a running back.

Man, she looks like a terror to try to stop.

**Well yeah, I’m still on a pretty big high from Tuesday night. If you haven’t yet seen Barack Obama’s victory speech, it’s on the of the best he’s ever given in my opinion; let’s hope he follows through and actually presses some of these issues. Above is a 100-second recap of the night; a couple more quick thoughts now that I have had some time to digest:

— The two biggest reasons the Democrats and Obama did so well Tuesday night? The Tea Party and its extreme candidates. Five or six major Tea Party-backed Senate candidates lost very winnable races Tuesday night, because they were so extreme. (Alec Baldwin said it best: “You know your party is in trouble when you read this: A, “The rape guy lost,” and the response is “Which one?”)

If the GOP had put up reasonable moderates in Indiana, North Dakota, Missouri and Connecticut, there’s a very good chance they’d have won.

–Amazing to see how winning the white vote doesn’t matter so much anymore. What a changing country, demographically, is doing is proving that you can’t just appeal to Caucasians anymore.

— My favorite quote of the day Wednesday comes from Rush Limbaugh. “We’re outnumbered.” Yes, you racist, sexist xenophobe, you absolutely are.

— Can’t wait to see who Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson decides to support in 2014 and 2016. Guaranteed wins for the Democrats he opposes.

**So I thought this was very cool and dizzying; someone has taken the Top 250 most popular movies on IMDB.com and mashed them up into a 2 1/2 minute video.

If your head doesn’t spin, you’re better than me. (Warning: some language is Not Safe for Work)