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#DrunkNateSilver cracks me up on Twitter. Justice for the crazy woman who drove around the bus. Charles Darwin gets votes. And my last favorite re-elected Democratic President

A hodgepodge of Good News Friday items from your correspondent, who waited nearly two hours on line Thursday night trying to get gas, only to fail. It’s like 1978 all over again in these parts…

So you may have heard a lot in the last few days since the election about Nate Silver, the New York Times statistical wizard who, for the second Presidential election in a row, predicted every state correctly, and all but one Senate race.

Silver (who was pretty good on this Jon Stewart clip the other night) was mocked roundly by the right in the lead-up to the election, as they ridiculed him and his algorithms for predicting Obama would win.
But of course, Silver was right, and now he’s an Internet star, with people on Twitter Thursday creating a #DrunkNateSilver hashtag.

Some of the comments that cracked me up the most:
#DrunkNateSilver knows the actual probability of Taylor Swift ever, ever getting back together.

— #DrunkNateSilver just shouted at a jukebox blasting Biggie, “Erroneous! Mo’ money only correlates with a 42% chance of mo’ problems!”

— Last night, I walked onto a maternity ward and pointed out the 53rd President of the United States. #DrunkNateSilver

Good stuff. Hey, the guy’s a wizard at this.

**So this made me like the state of Georgia a little bit. A GOP Congressman named Paul Broun gave a speech a few years ago declaring that evolution and theories like it “were lies straight from the pit of hell.”

So in Tuesday’s election, 4,000 people in Georgia wrote in “Charles Darwin”  on their Congressional ballot.

**Next up: Remember a few weeks ago I wrote about the horrible woman who drove around a stopped school bus and onto the sidewalk to get passed it? Well, she’s an awful hideous person who deserved to get punished, and Thursday she got a terrific and just sentence handed down to her.

For two days next week, Sheena Hardin of Cleveland must stand at a busy intersection holding a sign saying, “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.”

Perfect. Humiliation is a lot worse to people like her than any fine or community service hours could be.

**Finally, for my fellow Democrats out there, someone we all wish was real but existed only on our TV screens. A nice moment with Jed Bartlet, the last great liberal President.

There were many goosebump-inducing moments to choose from, but this has always been one of my favorites.