India stops public urination, loudly. An MTV “response” to why they don’t show videos. And Duke beating Kentucky never gets old

You’ve got to hand it to a country that acknowledges a problem, and comes up with a unique way to deal with it.

India, like every other nation, had a problem with public urination. Hey, nobody wants to see someone else doing their No. 1 business in public (which is why when I pee outside, it’s always in the woods. Safer that way. Not that I pee outside often. OK let’s move on.)

The western Indian state of Rajasthan has come up with a great new idea to stop public urination, which apparently had become a big problem there. They’ve enlisted volunteers, “armed with drums and whistles,” to shame people who are going to the bathroom in public.

Four to five people will “shout, beat drums or blow a whistle” if they see anyone urinating or defecating in the open, an official told the BBC. Repeat offenders may even be asked to pay a fine, he said.

It’s not as outright ridiculous as it sounds; mearly half of India’s 1.2 billion people have no toilet at home and they defecate in the open. But apparently in Rajasthan, 80 percent of people do have bathrooms at home, so the state is trying to stop random public peeing.

I think it’s a great, if potentially quite noisy, idea.
And hey, how’d you like to be a volunteer doing that job and putting it on a resume?

**Maybe you’re like me, and fondly remember when MTV showed music videos instead of the ridiculous reality-show crap that now passes for programming at the network.

No more music, way more “16 and Pregnant.”  It’s sad but this is how MTV decided to go a few years ago, and they’re not turning back.

Still, I found this parody pretty hilarious, as a “fan” asks MTV why it stopped playing videos…

**Finally, the first huge games of the college basketball season were Tuesday night, with Michigan State squeaking by Kansas (man I love how hard those Izzo teams play; every year his kids just bang and bang), but of course for me the main attraction was Duke-Kentucky. Always great to see Duke beat the Evil Empire of Calipari, though to be fair, I’ve hated Kentucky long before college basketball’s biggest slimeball showed up in Lexington.

And sure, ESPN did me proud by showing this shot a few times, but really, I was very pleased with how Duke played in the 75-68 win, considering it’s only the second game of the year.

Mason Plumlee, wow did he look like a more confident player than last year. And he’s making his free throws, which may be one of the Biblical signs of the end of the world.
I also loved Duke’s defense Tuesday; man they are going to be so much better on D this year; the length of Rasheed Sulaimon, Amile Jefferson, etc. just make them a lot tougher.

Kentucky, though they’re not as good as last year… they’ve got some serious athletes. Nerlens Noel and his terrific fade haircut, Alex Poythress, the Wildcats are going to be good.

Love college hoops. So glad it’s back. And Duke vs. Kentucky is a hell of a November game to whet our appetite for what’s to come.


One response to “India stops public urination, loudly. An MTV “response” to why they don’t show videos. And Duke beating Kentucky never gets old

  1. All I can picture is some college kid from that town over here in the U.S. minding his own business on the quad on a Saturday morning when the marching band fires up on its way to the football stadium, and him screaming, “I’m not doing anything, leave me alone!”
    And I love the network head!
    Finally, while wishing I had been able to see UAlbany beat Washington, I had a blast watching Michigan State top Kansas, and I thought to myself that in the record books, while he may not have the number of titles Bobby Knight does, Tom Izzo is THE top Big Ten coach of all time, and that his teams play with a spirit and verve that Knight, if you include his Texas Tech squads, did not. And a smile spread over my face.

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