Why science hopes for a fiscal cliff. The greatest Ear-related record, ever. And how to eat milk and cookies properly

So I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of hearing about the fiscal cliff.
I frankly think the House GOP are too stubborn to move an inch, and I sure as hell don’t think President Obama, fresh off a resounding election win, is going to move an inch either.

So it appears we’re headed over the cliff on Dec. 31, with all sorts of hyped “catastrophes” set to occur. Personally, I don’t think all the deep cuts in defense spending are such a bad thing.
You know who else would be OK with the fiscal cliff being jumped? Scientists. My buddy Clay sent me this story from Nature magazine (not one of my normal reads), about why science should be happy about cliff-jumping. The main reason? With all the discretionary cuts about to happen, grants for research and science might not be affected too much.

Read the fascinating article here.


**You know I’m a sucker for bizarre world records, and happily, so is one of my favorite podcasts, “Only A Game.”

So I laughed out loud in horrir and amusement at this story: A Georgian man (the country, not the state) named Lasha Pataraya just set a new world record for having the strongest ear: Mr. Patarava pulled a truck more than eight tons for 21 meters, using only his freaking ear.
Eight tons, with his ear! How the hell does someone even think of doing something like that?

Maybe it’s me, but I can’t even imagine how painful training for something like that would be. There’s gotta be an easier way to get a world record.

Then again, wouldn’t you love to hear the arguments between he and Mrs. Pataraya. She could yell “Oh, don’t tell me you didn’t hear me ask you to go shopping; I KNOW your ears work, buddy!”

Check out the video of his feat at the link above.

**Finally, you would think certain things in life would be self-explanatory, like how to eat cookies and milk properly.
But nope, here’s a video that may revolutionize how you eat cookies. It’s 2 minutes of your life you’ll thank me for.


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