Christmas lights season is here, and hooray for that. The Jets, shockingly, are in a playoff race. And a monkey gets lost in IKEA

I love the holiday season as much as anyone, and one of my favorite things to see are the awesome holiday light displays. Sadly, living in Manhattan now there aren’t too many nice ones to see around here, besides that big tree up in Rockefeller Center.

Might have to get myself to Queens or Long Island soon to see some of the houses that always made December so cool.

Meanwhile, here’s a beautiful display I saw on YouTube that ought to get you in the spirit of the season.


**I watched Sunday’s Jets-Jaguars game with a strange feeling of detachment, one I don’t usually get during Jets games.
I wanted the Jets to win, but I wasn’t rooting that hard. I am fully convinced this team needs to be torn down and re-built, and that includes firing the GM and head coach Rex Ryan.
And I’m afraid that if they play just well enough against crappy teams these past four weeks, and Mark Sanchez doesn’t completely implode, owner Woody Johnson will keep everybody around.

And my fear is coming true. For the second week in a row, the Jets didn’t so much as a win a game Sunday. They merely played less shitty than their equally-terrible opponent. Jacksonville was really, really bad in a 17-10 Jets win, and the Jets played one good quarter (the third) on offense.
Basically, the strategy was run, run, run, and don’t let Sanchez pass, because when he drops back, bad things happen (He fumbled yet again. Wouldn’t you think this doofus, who fumbles SO much, would be EXTRA careful with the ball when he’s standing back there? Wouldn’t it make sense for him to put two hands on the ball? Just wondering).

And even worse for us Jets fans who want to see the whole thing ripped up, they’re actually back in the playoff race. Pittsburgh and Cincy both lost, meaning Gang Green is only one game out of a playoff spot with three games left.

This team is too awful to get into the playoffs, I’m quite sure (especially when Ryan refuses to dress last week’s hero, Greg McElroy, and has an injured Tim Tebow as the Jets’ backup QB). But stranger things have happened.

Some more NFL thoughts on another wild day…
Since the Jets game was mind-numbingly boring, I watched a lot of the Redskins-Ravens. Hell of a game, especially the last five minutes. RGIII is one hell of a player, but if he’s hurt for any length of time, ‘Skins won’t be making the playoffs.
— Does every Indianapolis game come down to the last two minutes, or it just seems that way? Andrew Luck throws way too many INT’s, but he is a special player.
— On a personal note, DeAngelo Williams, welcome back to life. Been killing my fantasy team all year, but I started him this week in a playoff game (believe me, I had no better options) and he and Carolina came up huge.
— Adrian Peterson is unbelievable. To be approaching 2,000 yards rushing less than a year after major knee surgery is unheard of.
— Had Cowboys fans on one side of me, and Redskins fans on the other at the bar Sunday. Needless to say, they weren’t cheering at the same time.


**Finally, this is another reason I’ve got to hang out at IKEA more. At one of their stores in Toronto, a monkey wearing a mini-shearling coat and diapers (of course) was spotted in the parking lot.

The owners, who were shopping in the store at the time, have come forward to claim the monkey, Toronto Police Sgt. Ed Dzingala told CBC News.

I have so many questions: Why are you taking your monkey to IKEA, so he can sample his new cage in the store? Does he have a great decorating eye? And do you think the monkey was looking for a car to boost, or just didn’t feel like waiting for his family to pick out a new mahagony desk?


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