Good News Friday: Reading a newspaper can make you happier! A Secret Santa helps out Sandy victims. ANd finally, someone stands up to soccer racism


You just don’t get very much good news out of the newspaper industry these days, so when one appears, I feel I must trumpet joy from my former profession.

The University of Maryland, bless their Terrapin hearts, recently conducted a study of 30,000 people and found that happy people read the newspaper, and watch less TV. The Maryland group analyzed 30 years of data.

OK, the study came out in 2008, apparently, but it’s getting new life now thanks to Prevention Magazine talking about it.

I knew it. Come on world, get happy! Read a newspaper!
Just trying to do my part to save the industry I love so much.


If you can stand one more Christmas story, I think this one is worth your time. I first heard about this wealthy “Secret Santa” on the great program “CBS Sunday Morning” a few years ago: An anonymous, wealthy man from Missouri spends every December traveling across America, giving out $100 bills to people he finds in soup kitchens, laundromats, and thrift shops.

This year, understandably, he came to New York and New Jersey, and helped out Hurricane Sandy victims. Watch the above story and remember how much good there is in the world.

**You may have to look hard to see good news in this story, but I found it. Certain segments of European soccer fans are known for being incredibly, disgustingly racist. There have been numerous incidents over the years with spectators throwing bananas at African-American players, calling them “monkeys”, and much, much worse.

The lowest end of the gene pool was at it again this week, in a game between powerhouse Italian club AC Milan and lower division team Pro Patria. Vile chants were being shouted at Milan player Kevin-Prince Boateng, so with 25 minutes gone in the first half, he’d had enough.

Boateng kicked the ball into the stands, then walked off the field. The good news is what happened next: His teammates all followed. As did players from Pro Patria. The game was suspended.

I say “bravo.” The only way to stand up to racists is to call them out on their actions, and make a statement. By walking off the field in solidarity, the soccer players did just that.

In 2013, no athlete should have to hear what Boateng did, and I’m glad he refused to keep playing.


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