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The Golden Globes never fail to entertain. An amazing weekend of NFL action. And commercial acting that’s just not true


I love a good Hollywood awards show, and so of course I was glued to the tube Sunday night for the Golden Globes. I love the Globes because they combine TV and movies, celebrities often act crazier since they’re allowed to drink liquor, and there are always a few winners that defy logic.

Notes from a night watching famous people in sparkly dresses and jazzy tuxes:

— “Argo” was a fantastic movie, really, really terrific. But for it to win best movie over “Lincoln” was pretty surprising. “Lincoln” will definitely clean up at the Oscars.
Jodie Foster’s speech was just beautiful. From mocking our obsession with whether celebrities are gay or not (she confirmed that she is), to her heartfelt tribute to her mother, to her basically announcing her retirement as an actor, she hit all the right notes emotionally. What a classy lady.

— I thought Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were awesome as hosts; their jokes in the opening monologue were spot-on, especially the ones about Anne Hathaway hosting the Oscars a couple years ago, and Ben Affleck leaving Boston to film in Iran because “he wanted to film somewhere that’s friendlier to outsiders.”  And their line to Taylor Swift to “stay away from Michael J. Fox’s son!” was brilliant.

I want Amy and Tina hosting more things, please!

— I may be in the distinct minority here, but I do not now or have I ever found Sacha Baron Cohen funny. He wasn’t funny Sunday night, either.

— Mel Gibson creeps me out every time he smiles. Why is he smiling? Doesn’t he know at awards shows he’s sitting in a roomful of Jews?

— Anne Hathaway, who looked terrific, had a very touching speech, with a beautiful little tribute to Sally Field and what seemed like heartfelt emotion about others. She seems like a good person.

— Kristen Wiig and Ferrell were really funny as presenters, as was Paul Rudd, who’s good in everything even if some people (like my fiance) will always think of him first and foremost as Alicia Silverstone’s step-brother in “Clueless.”

— Jennifer Lawrence had a great line after winning for “Silver Lining’s Playbook:” Thanking Harvey Weinstein, she said “Harvey, thank you for killing
whoever you had to kill to get me up here today.”

— Finally, so happy “Homeland” got its just rewards, but I don’t get the universal love for “Girls.” (though it was really funny when Lena Dunham thanked Chad Lowe, who famously wasn’t thanked by wife Hilary Swank on the Globes many years ago).

Watched “Girls” for its whole first season, and it’s just not that good, people. For “Girls” to beat out “Modern Family” and “Big Bang Theory” for best comedy is an atrocity against good taste.


**I’m not as old as some people, but that was just about the best weekend of NFL playoff football I can ever remember.
Three thrilling games, and a fourth, Houston-New England, which was close for a while, then got exciting at the end. Two of the games, Denver-Baltimore and Atlanta-Seattle, were instant classics.
It was great offense, occasionally great defense, and tons of examples of why so many millions of us love the NFL, despite the many problems with it.
Some quick thoughts:

— Worst coaching, by far, goes to Denver’s John Fox, who took the ball out of the great Peyton Manning’s hands TWICE in the final minutes of regulation Saturday. I cannot understand why Fox didn’t try to get a first down up 7 at the end of regulation, and never give Baltimore back the ball. Just so, so stupid. You have Peyton Manning as your QB, go win the damn game right there!

— The Falcons’ last 30 seconds saved them from an all-time epic choke job. So glad Tony Gonzalez finally gets a playoff win. Clutch Matt Ryan at end. But man, how much fun is Russell Wilson to watch?
— I hate the Patriots so much. They’re going to the Super Bowl again, aren’t they? For a brief second I thought the Texans might actually pull off an amazing 4th-quarter comeback when it got to 38-28.
— Finally, the 49ers’ offense looks really scary under Kaepernick. I think they’ll be able to score with the Pats in the Super Bowl; that will be a really fun one.

**Finally, my friend Jon put this commercial on Facebook with a comment about it being incredibly un-realistic, and I have to agree. No way a “real” mother would react as calm as this lady does in the Clorox commercial, right? You tell me.