A great article on why we need to save the post office. A beautiful new Disney animated short. And the robbery foiled by the getaway donkey


Chances are you don’t think about the U.S. Postal Service very much.
But I do. I think it’s a small miracle that I can drop off a letter here in New York City, put a 45-cent stamp on it, and have a friend in California get it three days later.
I think it’s a small miracle that every single person in the U.S. can get mail, no matter how far from civilization they live. And I think it’s a small miracle that something we take for granted, that’s always there for us, has survived some incredible neglect from the government.

In case you haven’t heard, the U.S. Post Office is basically broke. Due to a variety of factors, we are only a few months away from having the post office go bankrupt. I think it’s amazing how little respect the post office gets, from average citizens to politicians.
I got more and more angry reading this wonderful story by Jesse Lichtenstein in this month’s Esquire magazine. He goes behind the scenes to explain how crippling “future” health care benefit costs to employees has wounded the agency, as well as having its hands tied on raising rates and other decisions.

He also does a terrific job showing us, literally, how mail gets from one side of the country to another. I learned an awful lot in this article, but mostly it reaffirmed how cool of a thing it is that we have a post office that does so much, with so little cost from us.

Read this story and I promise you’ll come away with a new appreciation for the man or woman bringing you your electric bill (and your Victoria’s Secret catalog) every day.

The animation people at Disney and Pixar never fail to amaze me. Check out this new technique they’re using, combining hand-drawn animation and computer-generated images. This is a beautiful six-minute short that I thought was just perfect.


**You know, you plan a robbery and you think you’ve got everything covered. You give each member of the theft crew a job, you make sure the employees of the store are taken care of, and you keep everyone away from the alarm.

But what you don’t plan on is always what gets you. And these three burglars in Columbia just didn’t count on their getaway donkey foiling the caper.

Yes that’s right, their mode of escape was a getaway donkey. Seems the ass (sorry, too easy) started braying really loudly while his human companions loaded their loot onto the donkey, and his incredible noise alerted police to what was going on. The robbers had to flee the scene, leaving their food and donkey behind.

And the donkey, who delightfully was stolen 12 hours before the robbery by clearly the Moe, Larry and Curly of Central America, was then held in a police station.

Obviously, the police thought he might crack under pressure. As an incentive, they showed him a DVD of “Shrek” and fed him lots and lots of grass (OK, I made that last part up. But the rest of it was real).

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