Daily Archives: February 1, 2013

Good News Friday: The banker who saved ducklings. LeBron, acting like a shy kid at the White House. And the double-arm transplant: Another medical miracle

A healthy dose of Good News today, as we head into Super Bowl weekend; just think, a few days from now and you’ll no longer have to see either Harbaugh brother for a really long time.

First up today, the banker who saved ducklings. A hat tip to my father for this clip; he saw it on “Good Morning America” and send it to me. A man named Joel Armstrong saw a dozen ducklings trapped on a ledge outside his second-story office; the ducklings’ mother had flown down already and the ducklings were supposed to follow, but they were too scared.

So Armstrong went outside and coaxed them down safely. All ducklings happily back on the ground! Then Armstrong and the mommy duck led them back to the river.

Such a cute story.

**Next up, LeBron James, acting like a kid, all bashful and excited this week after meeting President Barack Obama and visiting the White House.

I think I’ve pretty much completely forgiven LeBron for his 180-degree attitude turn back during “The Decision” and all that; he’s back to his old charming self, and I”m convinced he just temporarily lost his mind for about a year. Happens to all of us.

I just love how genuinely thrilled he seems to be there, and when he calls the leader of the free world “Coach” by accident.


**Finally, sometimes you forget how far medical science has come. We take so many of these improvements for granted that it takes something amazing to wow us.
Well, something amazing happened to an Iraq war veteran on Staten Island, N.Y. named Brendan Marrocco received a double arm transplant at Johns Hopkins last month, and he met the media this week to show off his new limbs and talk about them.

Who ever would’ve thought we’d be able to put new arms on people? I mean, aren’t we pretty close to being able to create a bionic man soon?

Truly amazing.