The kitchen of the future, as seen from 1967. Young people believe in government as a force of good. And a crazy new twist on a full-court shot

I’m a sucker for those “predictions for the future” videos from 30-40 years ago. I mean, they’re so easy to make fun of, because nobody can ever get things totally correct.

But this one, from the legendary Walter Cronkite from 1967, cracked me up big-time. It’s called “the Kitchen of the Future,” and it talks about what food preparation will be like in that faraway year of 2001.”

If only, Walter, if only.


**A story like this one makes me feel so much better about America. Because all you seem to hear from Republicans for the last 20 years is how government is bad, government is evil, too much government is bad for you, yada yada yada.

Happily, though, more and more young people are completely rejecting that theory. Check out this New York Times story that reports, among other things, a large trend toward younger people believing government is there to help people, and the Pew Research Group reported that the under-30 demographic is “the only age group in which a majority said the government should do more to fix problems.”

Maybe, just maybe, some of what Barack Obama has been saying (and, mostly, doing) for the past four years is sinking in.

Speaking of our Fearless Leader, I’m anxiously awaiting tonight’s State of the Union. After he declares himself the new Pope (just seeing if you’re paying attention), I would love to hear a full-throated presentation of what his priorities will be this term.

And you know, if he could clear up the shameless and disgusting practice, reported widely in the past week, that he has the power to kill any American citizen whom he deems a terrorist, without due process, that would be nice, too.

This man who I enthusiastically helped get elected has never come closer to the era of W. than he has with this “targeted killing” awfulness. Truly repulsive and unconstitutional, and I’m glad it’s finally coming to light.

**Finally today, I’m proud to say that this is something I’ve never seen before in basketball. A girl named Anna Olson at a high school in Wyoming tried to throw the ball the length of the court and, well, this happened.

Not even LeBron James could do that if he tried 100 times.


One response to “The kitchen of the future, as seen from 1967. Young people believe in government as a force of good. And a crazy new twist on a full-court shot

  1. It doesn’t say that young people are “believing in” government. Just that they think government should do more for people. The motives of many politicians remain questionable, though.

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