Good News Friday: Brendan Haywood pays strangers’ bills out of own pocket. The U.S. Senate expands domestic violence protections. And fun Valentine’s Day pranks


It’s pretty darn unusual for me to ever praise a current or former North Carolina Tar Heel basketball player, but on Good News Friday, we don’t discriminate.

So today I’d like to pay tribute to  former UNC star and current NBA player Brendan Haywood, who has had a mediocre career but has proven to be a good human being along the way.

Haywood’s most recent act of charity is beautiful. Now playing for the Charlotte Bobcats, Haywood got involved with the Center of Hope homeless shelter, and wanted to do something nice for the women who were trying to transition to their own housing.

So Haywood announced he’s going to pay the electric bills for 15 of the women for a full year.

Haywood was raised by a single mom himself.

“I know it’s hard going day to day making ends meet,” Haywood said to the women. “One of the hardest things when my mom was trying to stretch that dollar was paying bills.”

A beautiful gesture by Haywood; good for him.

**Finally, this is for those people who hate Valentine’s Day, and love and stuff. Or for people who just like a good laugh. Check out this prank video of a man and woman faking a proposal all over town, just to get people’s reactions.

I love the one at 1:20 the best. Pretty darn funny.

**Next, we salute the U.S. Senate, a body that hardly merits saluting. But this week the 100 leaders of our nation’s legislative body passed a comprehensive domestic violence bill this week, expanding on the landmark 1994 bill. The new law further protects gay victims of domestic abuse, and allows victims of assaults on Indian land much better protection.
Of course, this is something that ought to have passed 100-0, but I”ll take it.
I thought Barack Obama’s statement was pretty strong:
Delay isn’t an option when three women are still killed by their husbands or boyfriends every day,” the president said in a statement. “Delay isn’t an option when countless women still live in fear of abuse, and when one in five have been victims of rape. This issue should be beyond debate — the House should follow the Senate’s lead and pass the Violence Against Women Act right away. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue — it’s an issue of justice and compassion.”
You’re damn right it is.

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