Another big breakthrough on gay rights. A hockey team with an awesome commercial spoof. And the joy of shiva food

Every day, every week, it seems, new breakthroughs come in the battle for gay equality.
One week it’s a male professional soccer player named Robbie Rogers coming out of the closet, only to say he’s stepping away from the sport for a while to try to get some peace.
Another week we have something like what happened Tuesday, which shouldn’t be astonishing but kinda is. Seventy-five prominent Republicans signed a legal brief, in conjunction with a Supreme Court case upcoming regarding California’s Proposition 8,  announcing their support for gay marriage.

Now, most of these GOP members are not office-holders anymore, so you might say the potential blowback from the intolerant bigots in their party and among their voters isn’t something they have to worry about.
However, when you have top advisers to ex-President W., and other major GOP players, finally agreeing that it’s ridiculous that a majority of their party doesn’t believe homosexuals are equal, it’s a big deal.

Again, 25 years from now, people in BOTH major parties in the U.S. are going to be amazed and puzzled that equality for all was such a big problem for so many to accept.
(Note: that commercial above for the Kindle, which I saw on Andrew Sullivan’s blog Tuesday, is remarkable for being unremarkable, isn’t it?)

**Well this is all kinds of awesome. A minor league hockey team called the Fargo Force has decided to spoof those horribly sad ASPCA commercials by talking about all the “neglected” hockey players on their team.

I laughed hard, and the Sarah MacLachlan music just takes it to another level. (Hat tip to my buddy Will Springstead for pointing me toward this).

**So, this might only make sense to my Jewish readers, but as I mentioned yesterday, my Grandma died last week. Which meant, among other things, that my mother has been sitting shiva  for the past few days.
Which also means, as per Jewish tradition, friends have been sending loads and loads of food to my Mom’s house.
And let me tell you, it’s been fabulous. Cookies, cakes, pies for dessert, plus deli platters, chicken, and sandwiches up the wazoo.
The only good part of mourning comes to your stomach. And it’s been fabulous.


One response to “Another big breakthrough on gay rights. A hockey team with an awesome commercial spoof. And the joy of shiva food

  1. My condolences on the loss of your grandma, Michael. Seems like a wonderful lady. Great job on the eulogy.

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