Duke loses, a gruesome injury occurs, and the Final Four is set. The tennis shot of the year, already. And “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship”


Before I get to thoughts on my beloved Duke Blue Devils and the end of their season Sunday in the Elite Eight, a few words about the injury from that game you probably have all heard about, and one that won’t leave my mind for a while.

When Louisville’s Kevin Ware ran out to try to block a 3-pointer by Duke’s Tyler Thornton with 6:33 left in the first half, it looked like an innocent play, one college basketball players make 1,000 times.

But when Thornton released his shot, Ware flew past him, and landed on his right leg at a horrendously gruesome angle, with the leg bending under him. If you haven’t seen it yet, I urge you strongly NOT to watch it. I was watching the game with my soon-to-be father-in-law and we both screamed “Oh my God!” upon watching the replay.

It was a terrible injury to watch, and the Louisville players were clearly very shaken by it; several vomited upon looking at Ware’s leg, and others were weeping openly on the court.

It was a jarring reminder of how fragile these athletic careers are; Kevin Ware, as of Sunday night, was expected to recover from his broken leg, but who knows if he’ll ever play again. (Great column on the injury here by Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal)

In his absence, a basketball game continued, but even I, who normally yells and screams at the TV during Duke games with the best of them, was kinda subdued for a while after that.
It’s just sports, we have to keep telling ourselves when something awful happens.

**Now, as for the games this weekend… I have to start with Duke. So thrilled with the win Friday night, since the Blue Devils played great defense and got just enough offense besides the remarkable Seth Curry to win.
Sunday, for the first 20 minutes, I thought Duke was going to win. They were right there playing with the best team in America. But then, Louisville went to another level, and Duke couldn’t get that high.
The Cardinals are just outstanding, and should win the national title next weekend, I think.
The Blue Devils had a fantastic season and I”m proud of ’em. To come within 1 game of the Final 4, with Curry playing hurt all year, and Ryan Kelly being out for a while, is terrific. I’m salivating thinking about next year’s lineup already.

— Michigan’s comeback on Friday night was sensational (is it me or does Kansas either choke in epic proportions or go the Final 4 every year, with nothing in between), and their beatdown of Florida Sunday was equally impressive. What a talented team, and I think they’re the only ones with a shot at beating Louisville next weekend in Atlanta.
— Wichita State, I mean, did ANYONE in America pick them for the Final 4? What a great, great story; they were eclipsed by the Florida Gulf Coast magic a little bit, but the Shockers getting to the national semifinals as a 9 seed is mighty impressive.

**And now, a tennis shot that you couldn’t replicate if you tried it a thousand times. Aggie Radwanska, last week at the Sony Open, with a volley none of my instructors ever taught me…

**Finally today, a feature I always enjoy but rarely remember to blog about. From Jimmy Kimmel’s show, This Week in Unnecessary Censorship…

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