Weird news everywhere: The “urinal gaming” industry takes a big step forward. A town in Ga. where it’s illegal NOT to own a gun. And Fallon and Leno, poking fun at each other


Lots of weird news came across my cranium this week, but these two stories have to be the strangest.

You may remember a couple of years ago I wrote about the new “urinal gaming” sport, where the Sega video game company was giving men in Tokyo something to do while peeing: Shoot their stream at video games.

At the time, I was kinda mad that the Japanese were the only ones getting to pee and play videogames in public at the same time.

Now, finally, our long national wait is over: Urinal gaming has come to America! The Lehigh Valley (Pa.) IronPigs minor league baseball team has brought urinal gaming to the U.S.; yep, starting this season at Coca-Cola Park, fans can pee their way to fun at games.

I love this quote from the team’s general manager: “This is sure to make a huge splash.”

How does urinal gaming work? I’m glad you asked! From this story:  “When a user approaches the urinal, the video console flips into gaming mode, using patented technology that detects both his presence and stream. Algorithms then allow the user to engage with the screen by aiming in different directions to test their agility and knowledge. The games are 100-percent intuitive and custom-built to provide a unique user interface along with an easy and seamless experience.”

Who’s up for a trip to Pennsylvania with me?

**Next up we have the town in Georgia which only the National Rifle Association could love. The city of Nelson has passed a law requiring every town resident to own a gun.

City Councilman Duane Cronic said there will be no penalty for not carrying a gun; rather, it’s more of a message of standing strong against those who want to take away Americans’ guns, he said.

Proving that even gun nuts have their limits, the council will exempt convicted felons, residents with physical and mental disabilities and those who do not believe in owning firearms.

Whew. That’s a relief. But seriously, laws like this, even symbolic ones, show just how backward and idiotic so many politicians are when it comes to gun control.

Just one ounce of compassion and deep thought for victims of shootings like Newtown, and one or two weeks of legitimate debate about guns’ role in our society, and the wingnuts come out and we get stupid laws like this.

**Finally today, I’m sure you’ve heard all the rumors about Jimmy Fallon replacing Jay Leno as the host of “The Tonight Show.” For many of us who like Fallon and think Leno is just awful, the change can’t come soon enough, but truthfully, I get enough of Fallon thru clips of his best bits on the Internet.

Anyway, it’s rare that famous people poke fun at themselves in the midst of controversy, so I thought it was cool that Fallon and Leno did this duet to “Tonight” from “West Side Story.”

Even still, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Jay.


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