Gun control legislation getting nowhere fast. MSNBC host uses kid as a prop. And a crazy dancing dad makes me happy


It is amazing to me how our Congressional politics work these days. Some issues, issues that are matters of life and death, matters that could not BE more important, often don’t even come up for debate.

That’s right, in this great country of ours, formed under the banner of democracy and free speech, we have to sit by and be disgusted as time and again one party in Congress decides not to allow an airing of two sides of an issue; no, that’d be too dangerous.
No, they decide, as the Republicans seem to be doing right now, that an issue this important doesn’t even deserve to be heard or debated. No, let’s just shove it under the rug and pretend it doesn’t exist; pretend that thousands aren’t dying each year because of a weapon.

We have a raging epidemic of gun violence in this country, and it gets worse and worse every week. Just three months after Newtown, we’re still getting disgusting stories like this; we have a freaking FOUR year old child shooting and killing a SIX year old child, and the all-caps is intentional because I can’t even believe it happened even as I read the horrifying details.

The proposed ban on assault weapons was already defeated in Congress, as Harry Reid once again folded like a cheap suit, something he’s had lots of practice doing.

Now a smaller bill that includes background checks for all gun purchases (really? This is such a controversial thing?) may be filibustered in the Senate.

Barack Obama spoke in Hartford the other night, and his words were poignant. He talked about honoring those who died in Newtown, and that their deaths shouldn’t be forgotten.

And yet, with so many dying needlessly, our leaders fiddle and refuse to take even the most basic steps toward sensible gun legislation.

Makes me sick to my stomach.

**And now, for those who think I only take shots at Fox News and Republicans, here’s a truly tasteless act performed by an MSNBC host.

I love MSNBC, naturally, but stuff like this just is so wrong. One of their regular hosts, Krystal Ball (I can’t believe that’s her real name, but apparently it is) had her toddler daughter on a segment last Friday, asking her about whether boys should get to marry boys and girls get to marry girls.

It is posturing and pimping out your kid to the highest degree, and Ball and MSNBC should be ashamed. You can make your point plenty well without using your offspring as a prop.


**And now, because this will put a smile on your face, a father dancing like a lunatic with his kids at a Chicago White Sox baseball game last weekend.

He’s either really exuberant or really drunk; either way, I love his enthusiasm.



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