Boston. The only thing I can think about today.


I don’t know what to say about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon on Monday, except that it leaves me profoundly sad that we have people on this Earth who would do such a thing, and that I’m surprised that I was still surprised when I saw the news first break.

After living through 9/11 and all the terror attacks around the world since then, I didn’t think I could still be surprised by something like this. But when I walked past a restaurant near my apartment on the way home from school Monday, I was stunned at what i saw on the bar TV.

Awful, just awful. I came home and did what I always did as a journalist, and that was to read and watch as much as I could about this tragedy. If you’re not interested in the re-living it, I understand; I’ll try to get back to my usual mix of weird stories and personal rants in this space tomorrow.

But if you are interested, here are some of the more interesting things I found Monday night:

First, a video taken from the scene from The Boston Globe.

**Next, some of the best writing I found. First, a short Facebook post by the actor/comedian Patton Oswalt, who reminds us that as much evil as there is out there, the ledger on the side of “good” is much, much higher.

I thought this short piece by longtime Bostonian Charlie Pierce, writing for Esquire, was jarring and beautifully written:


Then there was this great comment from a Twitter user named @Hemlock Martinis: “Worth noting that last time someone pissed off Boston, the British Empire lost most of its territory in North America.”

**Finally, one of the first writers who inspired me, the great Peter Richmond, has a moving story up about how reporters need to be careful when covering a tragedy like this. Believe me, he knows from personal experience.

If you read to the end, the story gives you a very surprising an dramatic finish.


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