Bush/Cheney lies about torture exposed yet again. Craig Ferguson with a moving monologue on Boston. And a beautiful cartoon from The “New Yorker”


A picture of a vigil in downtown Boston Tuesday night. There’s been some amazing stuff written in the wake of this tragedy in the last 24 hours; I can’t link to all of it here, but if you’re on Twitter, check out my feed @michaeljlewis75, I’ve been re-tweeting great video, stories and photos all day.

Since the United States Congress, the current Attorney General Eric Holder, and Barack Obama himself refuse to look at the past actions of the previous administration and find any fault whatsoever, it’s left to others to say what everyone in America already knows:

Under George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, America tortured people. We were no better than Iran, Syria, or any other of a hundred awful nations that have engaged in this practice for centuries. After 9/11, after a stupidly ill-fated invasion of Iraq, the U.S. government engaged in torture to try to get suspects to tell us things.

The latest condemnation of our own war criminals came this week from a non-partisan group called the Constitution Project; they’ve released a 576 page report declaring that unequivocally, all evidence shows that we were torturers.

From the blog of Andrew Sullivan: “Those findings, to put it bluntly, are that for several years, the United States government systematically committed war crimes against prisoners in its custody, violating the Geneva Conventions, U.S. domestic law, and international law. Many of these war crimes were acts of torture; many more were acts of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. All are federal crimes. None of those who authorized the war crimes has been prosecuted.”

And disgustingly, it doesn’t appear that anyone involved at the highest levels will ever be prosecuted.
Because yeah, the guards at Abu Ghraib were surely the only Americans who ever behaved in a torturous manner during those eight years.

Check out this report that summarizes the findings of the committee, and then try to tell me why George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are currently free.

**Craig Ferguson isn’t someone I pay much attention to normally; I don’t watch his show, and only once in a while do I see a clip of his that’s worth watching.

But I thought he was spot-on with this commentary about the Boston tragedies on his Monday night show. Really genuine, honest emotion from a man who wasn’t born here but has grown to love this country.


**Finally today, a beautiful image is worth more than a thousand words. Check out this cartoon from The New Yorker; similar to how those around the nation felt about New York after 9/11, Boston is now a symbol of love for so many.


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