Good News Friday: Meet the 4-foot-5 basketball wizard. A fantastic ad from Dove soap. And a beautiful national anthem from Boston


We begin Good News Friday with the story of an amazing small basketball player.

His name is Jahmani Swanson, and he’s only 4-foot-5 inches tall. Swanson is a dwarf, and plays on an all-dwarves basketball team called the New York Towers, who play exhibition games against high school and college teams all over the country.

Despite his size, Swanson is pretty sensational; check out this highlight video of him playing against average-sized players:

He’s pretty impossible to guard, it looks like, since who can really get low enough to steal his dribble?

Would love to see him in action live one day. I’m glad a guy this talented has an outlet to show it to the world.
To read more about Swanson, check out this story.

**Next up, it’s rare that a commercial moves you to near-tears, but this Dove “Real Beauty” ad is pretty fantastic. Several people have sent it to me over the last week, and when I finally watched it, I saw what all the fuss was about.

Good for Dove for continuing to promote a positive self-image in women and young girls, which is so crucially important.

**And finally, a moment from Wednesday night that gave me chills. The entire crowd at the Boston Bruins-Buffalo Sabres game in Boston singing the Star-Spangled Banner, together, in a show of emotion and solidarity after the bombings this week.

Just beautiful. And the complete opposite of what I was feeling Thursday after the gun-control vote. This is still a great country, I have to keep reminding myself sometimes.


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