Teacher fired after being outed in Mom’s obituary. Negligient homicide or religious belief? You decide. And a NYC radio station makes me laugh


It’s 2013 and so much has changed in this country when it comes to equal rights for gays and lesbians, but we still have so much farther to go in the equality fight.

Take this story as an example of the bigotry still among us.

A woman named Carla Hale is a teacher at Bishop Watterson High School in Columbus, Ohio.  For 19 years she taught physical education, and not once was her conduct or professionalism called into question.

In February, Hale’s mother died, and in the obituary announcing the death, Hale was mentioned along with her female partner as “survivors” of the deceased.

A parent of a student read about the obit and wrote a letter to the school, complaining that Hale’s behavior (basically, being gay) was immoral and a violation of the school’s “morality clause.”

Disgustingly, the school agreed, and Hale was fired.

Read the details here; it’s encouraging that what the school did might not be legal in Ohio, and that 15,000 people have signed a petition urging Hale’s reinstatement.

But schools like Bishop Watterson are still stuck in the dark ages, and it’s not likely they’re going to “come out” of that bigoted stage anytime soon, I fear.

**Speaking of dark ages, another disturbing story out of Pennsylvania, pointed out to me on Facebook by my friend Tom. A couple named Herbert and Catherine Schaible are fundamentalist Christians who believe in faith healing, as opposed to any doctors or medicine whatsoever.

In 2009 their son died from bacterial pneumonia, a fate that certainly could’ve been spared the child if he’d been taken to a hospital. Amazingly, the Schaibles were only put on probation for his death.

Now comes word that their 8-month-old son Brandon died last week after suffering from breathing problems and diarrhea.

How are these people allowed to get away with what is basically murder? Letting your own innocent children die when simple medical intervention could’ve saved them is just … unfathomable to me.

I hope the Schaibles go to prison for a long, long time.


**Finally, please indulge me here for a minute as I recount something that may only make sense to New Yorkers reading this. This can be filed under “There’s no reason I should be thinking about this for so long.”

So there’s this radio station in New York called WLTW, Lite FM 106.7. I like it a lot, much to the mocking of friends over the years, because it plays ’80s and ’90s music that I like, there are few commercials, and it’s just a nice, easy listen.

Anyway, about a year ago I was listening on a Saturday and they announced it was a “Best of the ’80s” weekend. So that was cool, I thought.
Then the next weekend I was in the car and again it was a “Best of the 80s” weekend.

Hmmm. And pretty much every single time we’ve been in the car since then on a Saturday or Sunday, WLTW has announced that it’s a “Best of the 80s” weekend!

So this leaves me with many questions: How can you advertise this as something special when you do it every weekend? Do they think listeners just won’t notice? Or do they hope to catch new people listening who will think “Hey, this station plays 80s music, I should listen more often!”

Or is that they just are too lazy to change their promos every weekend? Or is it just they are being ironic and funny, poking fun at themselves that every weekend is the exact same on the station, like a Bill Murray “Groundhog Day” thing?

Like I said, I’ve spent WAY too much time thinking about this. Now, hopefully, you can too.


One response to “Teacher fired after being outed in Mom’s obituary. Negligient homicide or religious belief? You decide. And a NYC radio station makes me laugh

  1. There’s a “joke” that I think goes like this: There is a great flood, and a man ends up stranded on top of the roof of his house, praying for God to help him. Some time later, a man swims by with an extra life preserver. “Grab this and swim with me to safety!” he tells the man. “No, that’s OK, God will save me,” the man replies. Later still, another man in a rowboat comes by. “Get in and I’ll row you to safety!” he tells the man on the roof. “No, that’s OK, God will save me,” the man replies. Then, Coast Guard helicopter hovers over his house, and a man drops down in a basket attached to a cable. “Get in and we’ll fly you to safety!” the man says. “No, that’s OK, God will save me,” the man replies. Time goes by, and finally, the man is overcome by the waters and drowns. When he arrives in heaven, he meets God. “Why didn’t you save me?” the man asks God. To which God replies, “Well, I tried…I sent you a life preserver, a rowboat and even a Coast Guard helicopter!”

    Perhaps someone needs to tell this “joke” to the Schaibles.

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