Mike Piazza joins the ballet. A horrific gun death in Kentucky. And an ice-cream truck feud delights me


It’s a well-known fact that fathers will do just about anything humanly possible to please their daughters.

But this is going above and beyond. Mike Piazza, major-league baseball superstar and the best offensive catcher to play the game, is going to be in a ballet this weekend.
For reals.
It began when Piazza’s 6-year-old daughter Nicoletta, a ballerina herself, asked her father if he would please be in a ballet.

So this weekend in Miami, during a performance of George Balanchine’s”Slaughter on Tenth Avenue,” by the Miami City Ballet, the man who Roger Clemens once chucked a bat at will play the role of a gangster gunman and appear at the end of the performance.

I love it. Good for Piazza to broaden his horizons.  Listen to him talk about why he’s doing it here.

**I’m going to keep writing about the insanity of our gun culture in the U.S., even though my pulpit is relatively small here on this blog, because it’s such an important issue.
And I hope stories like this continue to revolt Americans. A 5-year-old boy in Kentucky was given a youth-sized .22 rifle as a gift last year. That alone should be enough to scare the hell out of you.

But on Tuesday the 5-year-old also accidentally shot and killed his 2-year-old sister, while the childrens’ mother was in the house, somewhere else.

A 5-year-old having the ability to A, get a gun, B, fire it, and C, use it unsupervised is as horrible a form of child neglect as if the mother left the kids in a closet for a week.

When’s it going to end, these “accidental” gun deaths? Should a 5-year-old really have access to a murderous weapon???


**Finally today, my good pal and frequent blog contributor Will Springstead sent me another gem from my old stomping grounds in upstate New York.

Seems there was a good old-fashioned ice cream truck feud in Gloversville, N.Y. the other day, as drivers for Mr. Ding-A-Ling (known as Ding to his friends, I’m sure) and Sno-Cone Joe got into a battle.
Apparently Amanda Scott and Joshua Malatino, both Sno-Cone drivers, followed the Ding-A-Ling trucks around neighborhoods, playing music loudly, and yelling that they have free ice cream.

And if that’s not the strangest sentence I’ve ever written, it’s in the top 5.
Scott and Malatino were arrested and charged with harassment.
Ice cream truck drivers of the world, please, can’t we all just get along??? Is there not room for italian ices and frozen chocolate eclairs alike?

And if not, can you toss me an ice cream sandwich on your way to jail?


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