Good News Friday: A very cool Make-A-Wish soccer dream comes true. A beautiful ode to newsrooms. And an awesome commercial from “Hockey Night in Canada”

Another great sports night Thursday: My Nets pull out a win in Game 6 over the Bulls, my Rangers play pretty well but stupidly in a Game 1 loss to the Caps, and the Golden State Warriors and their awesome crowd won their first-round series. Man I love to watch Steph Curry play basketball…

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of my favorite charities ever; the idea that there’s a group out there that helps makes terminally kids’ days just a little bit better, in the last weeks and months of their way-too-short lives, is a beautiful notion.

So when I heard about what the Portland Timbers pro soccer team recently did, I smiled widely. The Timbers have a superfan named Atticus Lane-Dupre, who is 8 and has cancer. His biggest dream was to play a soccer game against his heroes, so the team and Make-A-Wish arranged a special match between the Timbers and a team of Make-A-Wish Foundation kids.

It was beautiful, judging by this video below. The crowd came out in the thousands, cheering for Atticus and booing their own pro players. Of course, Atticus and Co. won the “game” 10-9, delighting the fans.

Such a sweet, sweet gesture by the team and the players involved.


**Next we have a beautiful essay by a member of my former profession. Ottawa Citizen newspaper journalist Kate Heartfield saw like many of us the fantastic work done by the Boston Globe staff during the Marathon bombings two weeks ago, and wanted to write something that summed up how so many felt about the crucial role the Globe, and all local newspapers, play when tragedy strikes.

The Globe did such a fantastic job keeping the world, and its city, informed and alert as to what was going on.
Heartfield wrote a sweet love letter to the paper, and I highly urge you to read it.

**Finally, only hockey fans know how awesome the CBC (Canadian Broadcastcing Company)’s montages are. Check out this awesome promo for the 2013 playoffs. I don’t care if you’re a hockey fan or not, I predict you’ll find this pumping you up. (I got chills just watching it again).


One response to “Good News Friday: A very cool Make-A-Wish soccer dream comes true. A beautiful ode to newsrooms. And an awesome commercial from “Hockey Night in Canada”

  1. Great promo. I was thinking about you last night while watching the Caps-Rangers. I thought you might be throwing stuff at the tv after the Caps scores twice in 40 seconds. Two great finishes last night. Brutal loss for the Ducks after coming back from down 4-1. What did you think of the hit on the Montreal player?

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