A paralyzed hockey player realizes a dream. The Dodgers’ Matt Kemp proves he’s a good guy. And a fantastic new ad about child abuse

blg 32 wild blackhawks game three

Going to be nervous all day until 7:30, when the Rangers and Capitals play Game 5. Rangers really have to take this one if they want to win the series; awfully hard to win in Washington in a Game 7.

And a happy Good News Friday to you all, sorry for the missed blog post yesterday, life and pending wedding details pushed me off schedule a bit. (Planning a menu with a caterer is quite the experience, but that’s a post for another day.)

Let’s start Good News Friday with the tale of Jack Jablonski. Jack was a high school hockey player in Minnesota who tragically was paralyzed during a game in December, 2011 when he was accidentally hit from behind and driven into the boards.
He became a major celebrity in the hockey world, with donations pouring in to help with medical expenses, and the L.A. Kings even letting him hang out with the Stanley Cup.
This week the U.S. Hockey League, the top junior league in the U.S., held its draft. Jablonski sent out a joking tweet telling teams he was “eligible” to be taken.

That day, Jack Jablonski was chosen by the Chicago Steel in the last round.

It was a beautiful gesture by the Steel to Jablonski who faces a lifetime of difficult moments. He deserved this nice one.

**Next, this is one of the most incredible pieces of “advertising” I’ve ever seen. A child abuse prevention organization in Spain called ANAR Foundation, which stands for Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk, has put together an amazing billboard that’s more technically advanced than any I’ve seen.
The billboard uses a lenticular device to change the message shown, so that adults at their eye level see a tagline saying ” Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.”

But for people whose eye level below 4-feet-four inches (kids), there’s a picture of bruises on a child’s face, and a secret message appears that says “If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you,” and a phone number is listed.

Watch the video above for the ad; I was blown away that this kind of thing is possible.
I know it’s hard to classify a child abuse story as “good news,” but if just one kid sees this billboard and has the courage to tell the authorities about what’s happening, it’ll be great news.

**Finally, Matt Kemp of the L.A. Dodgers has always seemed like a good dude. But when he learned of a handicapped Dodgers fan sitting near the field at a recent game in San Diego, Kemp decided to take kindness to a new level.
He shook the fan’s hand, then gave him the shirt and glove off his back, literally.
Watch the beautiful moment here.


One response to “A paralyzed hockey player realizes a dream. The Dodgers’ Matt Kemp proves he’s a good guy. And a fantastic new ad about child abuse

  1. Will Springstead

    That is fascinating about the billboard! I’m with you: I know it can’t be cheap, but for all the dreck companies spend millions of advertising dollars on, this is an instant winner.

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