The Rangers survive to play another day. Fallon and Krasinski lip-synch the hits. The 11-year-old who filmed his school cafeteria.


I’m a little hoarse from screaming, and I wasn’t even at Madison Square Garden yesterday.
Yeah, Sunday afternoon’s New York Rangers-Washington Capitals Game 6 was a little stressful at my house.
Just about every game of this excruciatingly-close hockey series has been stressful; a bounce here or there and five of the six games played so far could’ve gone the other way.
Sunday was no different: Maddeningly, the Blueshirts that I’ve rooted for for 30 years still couldn’t score on the power play; as the saying goes, right now they couldn’t score in a whorehouse with a fistful of $20’s.
But at least they generated tons of chances, Rick Nash, who I have to hope is playing hurt otherwise he’s really, really shrinking from the spotlight, was terrific, and oh yeah, the Rangers have the best goalie in the world on their side.

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe Henrik Lundqvist; Sunday, he was the best player on the ice in an elimination game that the Rangers had to have.
In the final few minutes, I just felt confident he would stop every puck. He’s carried my team for at last six years and he’s carrying them now, and maybe, just maybe, he can carry them through to Game 7 tonight.

And so Monday will be a very, very long day for yours truly and the other Rangers fans, as we anxiously await the 8 p.m. puck drop. I truly don’t have a clue who’s going to win; I know Alex Ovechkin is due for a goal, and Caps goalie Braden Holtby can’t possibly keep playing this well (can he?), but I have no idea how the Rangers are going to win if they can’t score at least 2 goals.

Playoff hockey is the best. There were times Sunday during the thrilling Rangers-Caps game where I literally held my breath for what felt like minutes.

Game 7. The two best words in sports. Can’t wait.

**Haven’t written about a Jimmy Fallon skit in a while; not because they haven’t been funny, but nothing has come across my radar by the future “Tonight Show” host.
This, though, could not be ignored. “The Office”‘s John Krasinski and Fallon had an awesome and intense three-song Lip Sync-off on the show last week. To me, Fallon’s first song and Krasinski’s last are the best, but the whole thing is hilarious.

**Finally today, I just love this story, and not because I’ve seen some of what is served in New York City cafeterias. An 11-year-old boy named Zachary Maxwell was fed up with the lunch being offered in his elementary school cafeteria, and told his parents he wanted to bring lunch.

When they told him that the lunch displayed on the school website looked healthy and nutritious, Zachary took things to a new level. He secretly filmed footage of the cafeteria for six months, then with the help of his dad, cut it into a 30-minute movie that’s playing at the Manhattan Film Festival in June.

In the movie, Zachary shows that what’s advertised is very rarely what’s served they kids.

Here’s the trailer for his movie (above); this kid is like Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock all rolled into one. I love him.


One response to “The Rangers survive to play another day. Fallon and Krasinski lip-synch the hits. The 11-year-old who filmed his school cafeteria.

  1. I love the “three-color salad” — green, light green and brown.
    Can’t win playoff games (too many, anyway), if you don’t score goals. Ovechkin is due. He just missed one yesterday. I have a feeling the Ranger offense is coming alive tonight. Rangers outplayed the Caps most of the game yesterday and totally shut down a really strong offense. As I’ve said before, Rangers should just decline penalties and play 5-on-5. They just have no idea how to orchestrate a power play, and almost got scored on short-handed more than once yesterday. The only advantage to being on the PP is that Ovechkin doesn’t kill penalties, so at least he’s not on the ice and it disrupts his rhythm. Will be watching tonight in the Lawrence Street Tavern (the old Wander Inn), where I can swear and drink alcohol and throw popcorn at the TV. I’m confident, but not overconfident, about tonight.

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