An African-American doctor shares his challenges, movingly. The Rangers dominate Game 7. And the crime boss who also does kids birthday parties.


One of the many things I love about NPR is the way they take large issues and tell great stories in small ways.

Recently the network asked listeners to contribute their stories to the “Race Card Project,” asking them  “to think about their experiences, observations, triumphs, laments, theories or anthem about race or cultural identity. Then they take those thoughts and distill them down to one six-word sentence.”

Last week the network aired a fascinating story, off the six-word sentence by an African-American doctor named Gregory McGriff, who submitted this:

“55 mph means you black man.”

Now, that could be interpreted in many ways, but McGriff explains it’s not nearly as controversial as you might think. It’s all about going slower in everything he does, because as an African-American male he feels like he needs to.

Take a listen to this short radio story for a really interesting slice of life in America.

New York Rangers v Washington Capitals - Game Seven

**The Rangers. I mean, wow. If you had told me what were 1,000 likely outcomes in Game 7 Wednesday against the Capitals, I never would’ve come up with “Rangers dominate, score five goals and Lundqvist pitches another shutout as Caps fans stream out of the arena in the 3rd period.”

But that’s what happened. In their best game of the year, my beloved Blueshirts destroyed Washington, actually scored a few goals, and the best goalie in the world pitched another shutout.

So proud of them. And they play the Bruins next, who completed an impossible comeback in Game 7 against Toronto, rallying from three goals down in the final 11 minutes and then scoring the game-winner in OT. (People of Toronto, I have a feeling there’s gonna be a whole lot of Molson’s being drunk in the next 24 hours. Just an all-time gut-punching loss.)

Rangers-Bruins. Pumped. I ask only that they not play a game on my wedding day; don’t want to have to make that choice, you know?


**Finally, this is my favorite story in a long, long time. And of course, it comes from the great state of Florida, the best weird news state in America.

In West Palm Beach, a man who was a major participant in a violent Central American gang was arrested two weeks ago after federal agents discovered he was in the country illegally.

But what makes the story great is what Dilbert E. Coreas did in his spare time when he wasn’t killing people or messing with drugs:  He ran “Itza Kidzworld Party Planning and Rental,” a business selling Bounce Houses and pony rides for children’s birthday parties.

I mean … I don’t even know where to start. First, did he ever confuse his two businesses on the phone? “OK, you want five kilos of cocaine and three ponies for that party? Oh, I got it, you wanted THREE kilos and five horsies, I gotcha.”

According to this story, Coreas’ Facebook page advertised $85 Bounce Houses, and $70 pony rides.

Mr. Coreas, I don’t care what kind of a drug kingpin you were; getting parents to fork over nearly a hundred bucks so tykes can bounce around for a few hours was your greatest act of robbery ever.



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