LeBron and the Heat survive in an NBA classic. A Spanish town figures out the public dog-poop problem. And introducing Rib Stain camo gear


What. A. Game.

I’m not a fan of either the Miami Heat or San Antonio Spurs. I used to have a man-crush on LeBron but now I just admire his incredible talent, and I’ve always appreciated the lunch-pail work ethic and greatness of Tim Duncan.
But really, it didn’t matter much to me who won Tuesday night’s epic Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

And still, I was on the edge of my seat, screaming and pulling my (limited) hair out with every twist and turn.
That was a phenomenal NBA Finals game Tuesday night. I have no idea how the hell the Heat pulled out a 103-100 overtime win, when it looked for so long like the Spurs were headed to yet another NBA title.
LeBron, after being mortal all night, tosses his headband aside in the 4th quarter and became superhuman again. Duncan, great all night, could do nothing in the 4th quarter and overtime.

And poor Chris Bosh, who gets way too much blame when the Heat lose, came up with a couple of huge blocked shots in the final minute of OT.
Couple other thoughts:

— How good is Tony Parker? Imagine what would’ve been if the Spurs had traded him for Jason Kidd back in 2003, like they almost did. Would they have more titles, or fewer?
— The officiating was, predictably, awful, though I think the basketball might be the hardest sport to officiate. The Spurs’ Manu Ginobili absolutely got fouled at the end of overtime on his drive to the hoop, but he traveled also, so I guess it’s a wash. So many missed calls in this game.
— Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy are really an outstanding announcing team. I’d listen to them call anything.
— I haven’t seen much of this series, having been on the honeymoon, but it sounds like last night was the first “great” game of the Finals. I have no idea what’ll happen in Game 7, but I’m not betting against Tim Duncan. I say Spurs win by 3, even after that crushing loss last night.

**Time for our regular installment of “There’s no possible way this product could be real, except it is.”

Do you have a problem getting stains on your shirts while eating ribs? Well worry no more, my friend (By the way, this would’ve been a perfect Father’s Day gift for my dad if I knew about it before Sunday.)

**Finally today, I love what the Spanish town of Brunete is doing about a problem we all encounter every day: dog poop on the streets.
When Brunete police officers catch a dog-owner allowing the feces to stay on the sidewalk and forcing the rest of us to avoid stepping in it, they’ve come up with a novel solution:

They’re mailing the poop back to the owners.
How are they doing this? Get the full details here, but basically it involves spying and some good ole’ fashioned detective work.

I love it. Would love to see the careless owners’ faces when their “package” arrives in the mail.

Then again, I do feel pretty badly for the postal workers who have to deliver it.

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