Barack Obama, sinking lower and lower with Syria/NSA decisions. Trampoline cliff diving? Sure. Will the Cup be awarded tonight?

I know I have only myself to blame for getting my hopes up. That in his second term Barack Obama would be a better, more decisive, more “2008” Obama than we saw in his first term.

But boy oh boy, have I been wildly disappointed. Over the last couple of weeks two major news items have shown that for many reasons Obama is failing miserably at being the kind of President millions of us hoped for.

First, the NSA data collection debacle. Oh, I know the NSA isn’t really listening to our phone calls and hearing about Aunt Ida’s trip to the Grand Canyon (random tangent: did you see that Wallenda dude walk across the Canyon on a wire last night on Discovery Channel? Insanely cool) or your hatred of your boss at work.

And I know there are legit national security grounds for data-mining some of our calls.
But this whole operation is wildly invasive and totally over the top; it reeks of what George W. Bush did during his term, and we liberals have been invoking that comparison way too often lately.

As the excellent Glenn Greenwald has been writing, prosecuting NSA leaker Edward Snowden for espionage, for God’s sakes, is ridiculous and wrong. As Greenwald points out, the Obama administration has doubled the number of espionage prosecutions in the entire history of the U.S., in just the last 4 1/2 years.

Then, Syria. Another American president, getting us deeper and deeper into a war with no end in sight, and helping arm a group of rebels who look just as dangerous and menacing as the Syrian army they’re fighting.

Obama swore up and down not to get the U.S. involved in “wars of choice.” Well, Syria is a war of choice, and like his choices on so many other issues, Obama has now made the wrong one.

Just so disappointing.

**And now, add this one to the list of sports I will never in a million years try. I present to you, trampoline cliff diving. These people are nuts…


**Finally today, it’s a big night in the world of sports because the most awesome trophy in sports may be awarded tonight.
Through five games, the Stanley Cup Finals have been nothing short of spectacular. The Bruins and Blackhawks have played hard-hitting, compelling, intense hockey for five games, and I expect nothing less tonight when the Blackhawks try to finish the B’s off.

Saturday’s Game 5 was the nastiest of the series; the Bruins are awfully lucky Johnny Boychuk (and if that isn’t a great hockey name, I don’t know what is) didn’t get suspended for his vicious hit on Chicago captain Jonathan Toews the other night, though the B’s are likely without their best player, Patrice Bergeron, as well.

I’m rooting for Chicago in this series but honestly, I’m hoping it goes seven games. The hockey has been too good for it to end tonight.

And yes, I’ve found another excuse to run the photo (above) of me hanging with Lord Stanley, in 2005. Truly one of the Top 5 moments of my journalism career!


One response to “Barack Obama, sinking lower and lower with Syria/NSA decisions. Trampoline cliff diving? Sure. Will the Cup be awarded tonight?

  1. Very cool getting to touch the cup.Eddie O was on Chicago sports radio this morning and talked about the hit. He said Teowes was kind of twisting around. He said it was a hard hit, but was not too surprised that Boychek should have been suspended. Ed is the color guy on Chicago broadcasts, I wonder if he would have thought different if he was not doing a national broadcast. I want it to end tonight. Anything can happen in a 7th game, plus I don’t know how I can take much more tension.

    I am sure you know that the temp was in the 90’s in Boston. Some people think this will favor the Bruins because the ice will not be very good.

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