A bewildering season finale of “Mad Men.” Rafa Nadal, shocked at Wimbledon again. And a Wallenda does the impossible


Big congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks and their fans for winning their second Stanley Cup in the last four years, in stunning fashion Monday night. Down 2-1 to the Bruins with 1:30 to go in the third period, Chicago scored twice in the last 1:19 to win. Amazing stuff. This photo just about sums up what it means to win the Cup, don’t you think?

“Mad Men” is a show that alternately delights, frustrates and angers me. It’s brilliant and wonderful and annoying and just a hell of a lot of fun to watch, especially this season, when it seemed like Matthew Weiner finally let some characters change and learn from past behavior.

Sunday night’s season finale (SPOILER ALERT! IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET, SKIP DOWN TO THE RAFAEL NADAL TENNIS PHOTO.) was very surprising, but still frustrating.
Don Draper, still as loathsome as ever, appears to have made a major breakthrough. He quit drinking cold turkey, actually did something selfless by letting Ted go to California to save his marriage (instead of Don going there to save his marriage), and actually owned up to who he really is in a huge pitch meeting with Hershey, and with his kids. Of course, he ended up getting “fired” by his partners, so maybe lying was the better way to go.
Pete Campbell, my favorite character to hate on the show, is also in bad shape, and he brought it all on himself too. (His “Not great, Bob!” in the elevator killed me with laughter).
I feel badly. for Peggy, once again loved and left by men she adored. I thought the finale gave us some sweet moments with Joan and Roger, who just seem destined to end up together, don’t they?
And Sally Draper, God bless her, continues to be awesome as a rebellious teen. Is there any doubt she’ll be selling drugs at her boarding school and listening to the Grateful Dead by next season?
Overall I thought this season was one of the best the show has had; they allowed the “real” 1960s to happen to these characters, and the writing was fantastic.
“Mad Men” has only one year left. I hope next year is just as good as this one.
And I hope Pete Campbell is never, ever happy.

nadal-wre0010155677-20130624**Last year was shocking.
This year, maybe even more so.
For the second year in a row, Rafael Nadal is going home from Wimbledon before the grass has even started to get chewed up.
I wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw it myself, but the great Spaniard spit the bit at Wimbledon again Monday, losing in the first round to a Belgian named Steve Darcis (I follow tennis very closely and even I’ve never heard of this dude).

Maybe it was a case of Nadal’s knees hurting again, with him playing too much tennis this year. Or maybe Darcis just caught fire and played the most beautiful tennis he’s ever played for about two hours.

Whatever it was, Wimbledon just got a whole lot easier for Andy Murray and Roger Federer, who could’ve had to play Nadal before the final (And say this for Federer, as tennis writer Greg Couch did on Twitter: He doesn’t lose to journeymen like Darcis at Slams. Not ever.).

Now it looks like we might get a Federer-Murray semi, which would be delicious.
As for Nadal, I really hope he’s not hurt again. The sport is so much better with him in it.


**Finally, hope you all saw the insane stunt Nik Wallenda pulled Sunday night on the Discovery Channel, as he wire-walked 1,400 feet across the Grand Canyon, while 1,500 feet off the ground (that’s higher than the Empire State Building, FYI).

I watched it Monday after I knew he had made it safely, and I still had my heart in my throat as he walked. I enjoyed the calming commentary from Wallenda’s father, the incredible aerial views from the helicopter above, and the sheer chutzpah and courage it takes to do something like this.

But Nik Wallenda is nuts. And the Discovery Channel is even crazier for televising this. If he had fallen and died, on live television? A tragedy of the highest order.

He made it, so everyone breathed a sigh of relief. But what a crazy, insanely risky thing for Wallenda to put his family through every time he does something like this.


2 responses to “A bewildering season finale of “Mad Men.” Rafa Nadal, shocked at Wimbledon again. And a Wallenda does the impossible

  1. They made him wear a safety harness on his ankle for the walk across Niagara Falls on live TV. Wonder why he didn’t wear it this time. Nice win by Blackhawks, but I changed the channel briefly after the tying goal, figuring I’d come back for OT. Instead, I saw them handing out the Cup. That’s why you have watch all 60 minutes of a hockey game.

  2. As to Marks comment, you probably should never turn off any sporting event. I saw a face book comment where the guy left the bar with 4 minutes left in the game. Lucky for him he heard the end in his car. Still can’t believe that ending.

    As for Mad Men a great ending. I don’t think Don will change a whole lot next year. You should read Alan Sepinwall’s recaps at Hitfixtv. He also has a good interview with Matt Weiner. Needless to say he does not give a way anything as to what will happen next year. Maureen Ryan is also a good read. She is the former tv critic for the Chicago Tribune and now writes on Huff Post

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