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A weekend at Camden Yards, my favorite ballpark. Florida decides to execute more people. And juggling around Iceland


I might get thrown out of New York by my fellow Yankees fans for saying this, but this weekend I got to spend time at my favorite all-time baseball stadium.
And it ain’t in the Bronx.
My father, a few of his friends and I sauntered down I-95 to Baltimore last Friday, for some male bonding, delicious crab cakes, and the Yankees-Orioles game the next day at Camden Yards.

Ah, Camden Yards. I hadn’t been there since I went to a few games when I was at college in Delaware in the mid-1990s, when it had just opened. But the place hasn’t lost any of its charm, in my opinion.

From the atmosphere in and around the stadium, the sightlines from the seats, the gorgeous brick buildings behind the center field fence, everything at Camden Yards is just perfect. I’ve been to Wrigley and Fenway Park, but Camden Yards, to me, is the best place I’ve been.

I got to eat some of Boog Powell’s famous barbecue (as good as advertised), met some very friendly people, and enjoyed being a visiting fan in a hostile park (though the place was probably 40 percent filled with Yankees fans).

Camden Yards, of course, began the whole boom of teams building old-style stadiums, and there are a ton of beauties opened since the Orioles’ field, including PNC Park in Pittsburgh and Jacobs Field in Cleveland.

But to me, Camden Yards just has it all. Unfortunately for us, the home fans left very happy Saturday night, as my Yanks got pummeled, 11-3.

Still, even with the result, it was a fantastic weekend, just to be in a terrific locale like Camden Yards.
If you’re a baseball fan and have never been, put it on your Bucket List. It’s that good.

**Next, something you just don’t see every day. A man doing some awesome juggling while tooling around Iceland. This was mesmerizing to me…

**Finally, heard this rather disturbing story about the state I lived in for a while, the crazy but always entertaining state of Florida.

Governor Rick Scott, who is to leadership what Wile E. Coyote was to masculinity, has signed what’s called the “Timely Justice Act.” What this act does is reduce the amount of time a person convicted and sentenced to the death penalty can appeal the act.
Let me just hit you with a few chilling facts that will help you see what an incredibly stupid and cruel law this is.
In the last 40 years in Florida, 77 people have been executed. In that same time period, 24 death-row inmates have been exonerated and given either new trials or freed.

So that means that in 40 years, one out of every three individuals on death row have been wrongly sentenced to death.
And yet faced with those numbers,  Rick Scott wants to speed up the number of executions (his office laughingly declares that there won’t be a rise in executions because of this law).
People like me who oppose the death penalty always say that “what if an innocent person is killed by the state?”

In Florida, it may have already happened. And Rick Scott just wants to keep pulling that switch.