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“The Heat” leaves me cold, as expected. The Arizona firefighter tragedy, and real heroes. And the teacher who wore the same outfit for 40 years


I knew better than to go see the Sandra Bullock-Melissa McCarthy buddy cop movie “The Heat.”
I really don’t like action movies, I knew this one would be stupid, and I really don’t even like Sandra Bullock that much (outside of her awesome performance in “The Blind Side.”)
But I was quasi-kidnapped; during our Baltimore trip last weekend the three guys I was with all decided that was the flick they wanted to see (reasonably asked my new wife: “That’s the movie three men in their 60s wanted to see?”)

So I sat through it, and as I expected, it was pretty bad. The story of the movie is that Bullock is a straight-laced, cocky FBI agent assigned to a case in Boston, where she’s forced to work with McCarthy, a foul-mouthed, awful-dressing, tough-as-nails cop.
In between, there’s a terrific collection of random bit players in the movie, including Tony Hale (from “Veep” and “Arrested Development,” the gym teacher from “Freaks and Geeks,” and others).

There were a few funny scenes, because sometimes McCarthy is so outrageous that you can’t help but laugh (hard to believe that the potty-mouthed McCarthy used to play sweet lil’ Sookie on “Gilmore Girls.”)

But mostly it was a predictable, one-note action flick that lowered my IQ a few points. I’m sure the film will make a ton of money, and the other people in the theater seemed to love it.

Maybe it’s me. Nah…


This next story cracked me up big-time. An elementary school teacher in Dallas named Dale Irby had nothing to wear on school picture day in 1973. So he came up with this (above left).
The next year, he wore the same thing, as a joke. And kept it going for 38 more years.

That’s right, Irby has worn the same outfit for his yearbook photo for 40 years, and now he’s retiring, and taking that sweet outfit with him.

I implore you to read this story and then check out the photo gallery through the years. As the great Tommy Tomlinson said on Twitter said, “it’s like a timeline of evolution.”

firefighter**Finally, the heartbreaking story out of Arizona about the 19 dead firefighters just continues to get sadder. The names of the men who were killed were released Monday, and predictably, all but one of them was under 40.

I clicked through this page of bios about them and it just breaks your heart. There isn’t enough money in the world to pay me to be a police officer or a firefighter; what these men and women do on a daily basis is mind-bogglingly courageous.

Nineteen dead. Just awful.