“Ray Donovan” a pretty solid summer show. A tournament to find the best Cosby sweater. And the Cleveland Browns grant a man his dying wish


Doesn’t take a lot for me to get into a new Showtime show, since the network’s track record has been so stellar lately.

I’d heard a few good things about the new drama “Ray Donovan” before it premiered last Sunday, and after two episodes, I can positively recommend it.

I dig Liev Schrieber, and not just because he’s the awesome voice of all those great HBO Sports documentaries over the years. He’s a terrific actor and he’s got a great part here in playing Ray, who’s a Hollywood problem-solver to the stars. In just two episodes he’s dealt with a star athlete waking up next to an OD’ed dead girl, an action star who accidentally blew a transvestite, and a stalker of a young girl.

Besides that, he’s stuck with a brother who has Parkinson’s Disease, another brother who was molested by a priest as a kid, and a father (the awesome Jon Voight) who just got out of prison after 20 years, a prison Ray helped put him in (we don’t know all the details yet).

Anyway, the first two episodes have been stellar. The wife and I are hooked, even though the Donovan family’s Boston accents are pretty awful.

Showtime airs it at 9 p.m. on Sunday nights. Definitely worth checking out.

**So, you remember the incredibly colorful, often-hideously ugly sweaters Bill Cosby used to wear on “The Cosby Show?” Of course you do. Every week Dr. Cliff Huxtable would solve the world’s problems wearing one of those garish sweaters.

Well, because it’s July and I guess Cosby wanted to give us something fun to do, he has created a March Madness-style tournament where you can vote on which was your favorite Cosby sweater ever.

They’re already down to the “Fleecey 8”, and you can vote on who you think should advance here.

I highly recommend looking at all the entries, though. Many wardrobes ago I was once accused of wearing a bunch of “Bill Cosby sweaters” by a friend of mine.

Not sure after looking at these if that person should still be my friend …


**Finally today, you have to love the Cleveland Browns organization. They know their fans have suffered a lot over the past four decades, and they seem to have a sense of humor when those fans lash out at them, even from the grave.

Last week a 55-year-old Browns fan named Scott Entsminger passed away, and his obituary contained an unusual request: He asked that six Cleveland players act as his pallbearers, so “the Browns can let him down one more time.”

Hilarious. And I know how he feels. Well, the story got some national attention, and the Browns new ownership, instead of feeling hurt or embarrassed, offered a nice gesture. At Tuesday’s memorial service for Entsminger, a Browns team official will deliver a personalized jersey to Entsminger’s wife bearing the number of his favorite all-time player, Lou Groza.

Very cool. Go Cleveland. And it sounds like Entsminger would appreciate the gesture. For once, the Browns didn’t let him down.


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