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The return of Eliot Spitzer, and why anyone should care. The George Brett pine tar batboy speaks out. And the Rollie Eggmaster: another ridiculous new product


So the big political news in election-race politics this week is that Texas governor Rick Perry may run for President (on behalf of all bloggers looking for comic material, Rick, please, please run again. He has ZERO chance of winning but man he is fun to rip), and Eliot Spitzer, last seen on the national stage eagerly participating in a prostitution scandal as “Client No. 9.”

Spitzer, if you haven’t heard, is predictably jumping back into politics, running for comptroller of New York this November. It’s a position where he’ll once again be in the spotlight, and due to name recognition alone, I expect him to win.

But as someone who once fervently believed Spitzer was on track to be the first Jewish President (hey, we’ll get a Member of the Tribe in the White House some day), I say this: Why should anyone care about Eliot Spitzer?

This was an arrogant, egotistical politician, who when he was taking on the tycoons of Wall Street everyone cheered, because he was fighting “bad guys” and everyone knew he was looking out for the public (as well as grabbing headlines).

But as N.Y. governor, he was a disaster. All his worst instincts came out, and he alienated everyone, friends and enemies alike. He has absolutely zero tact and no idea how to successfully deal with people, and he showed no political skills at all.

And now he’s back, and he still doesn’t get why people were pissed at him, and we’re all just supposed to forget about his appalling lack of judgement when he was governor?

Truly, I just ran out of “care” for Eliot Spitzer. God help us if he ever gets in a position of real power again.

**You know how much I love ridiculous infomercials on this site. This one is as silly as it gets. The Rollie Eggmaster. Because the world needs an easier way to make eggs.

My wife’s legitimate question upon watching this: How the hell do you clean that thing?

**Finally, 30 years ago this month, one of the most famous endings in baseball history, and one of the weirdest, happened at Yankee Stadium.
It was the most memorable Yankee game of my childhood. In the top of the ninth inning, Kansas City legend George Brett hit a two-run home run to put the Royals ahead, 5-4.
Only the Yankees challenged the umpires to check Brett’s bat for having too much pine tar, and after a debate, they ruled him out, setting off the most insane player-charging-umpire scene in baseball history. (the good part starts around 1:25 in the above video). I have never seen any human being in that much of a rage before.

A wonderful mystery to the story has been solved, as after 30 years the Yankee batboy who held onto Brett’s bat at home plate after the homer, is telling his side of the story.

Merritt Riley is a 47-year-old police officer now, but in this fabulous Wall Street Journal article, he explains why his idolization of Brett made him stay at home and give the Yanks the chance to object to the bat.

Very, very cool to see Brett’s reaction to it after all these years.