The best moment of your life, captured in photos. A retiring principal gets a warm sendoff. And “Carry On” an incredible ESPN story


I’m warning you in advance: This week’s Good News Friday may require quite a few Kleenex.

Three stories/ideas that tugged at my heartstrings this week. First up, one of the best users of Twitter out there is Richard Deitsch, a terrific writer for Sports Illustrated. Inspired by one of his friends posting a photo of a wonderful family moment, Deitsch asked his followers to send a photo of themselves at the happiest moment of their life.

He figured he’d get 15, maybe 20 pictures. He ended up with several hundred.
It was amazing how many different kinds of pictures Deitsch got. Many were of people getting married, or proposing to their soon-to-be-spouse.

Lots were of their child being born. Still others were even more heart-tugging, like a New York Giants fan waking up after a liver transplant and watching his team win the Super Bowl, or the picture of a man’s two daughters walking to school together (above left), or a woman waking up from her heart and lung transplant and hugging her husband (above right)

It’s a wonderful cornucopia of joy; it’s so rare that we actually have photographs of the happiest moments of our lives.

For more of the photos people sent in, check this story.

**Next up, a very cool tribute to a principal. After 36 years as a Massachusetts educator, Roger Boddie was retiring. His students wanted to surprise him with a tribute, so other teachers told Boddie that he was needed to speak on camera from the school’s roof for a video talking about the school’s new construction project.

What happened next was just … awesome.


**And finally, one of the most moving, beautiful stories I’ve ever seen on ESPN. For all their flaws, they do one hell of a job on stories like this. Meet Leroy Sutton, Dartanyon Crockett, two boys dealt some awful breaks in life, and Lisa Fenn, the TV producer who changed their world.

Sensational, sensational TV. Please watch, it’s worth your time.


One response to “The best moment of your life, captured in photos. A retiring principal gets a warm sendoff. And “Carry On” an incredible ESPN story

  1. I saw the ESPN story last Sunday. I give her credit for getting involved. Most reporters walk away after the story is over. I shed a tear after that was over.

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