A very bizarre crime story in SF. Robin Roberts, a true inspiration. And awesome/disgusting new foods at the Iowa State Fair


Today’s blog is a little shorter than usual on account of me spending every waking hour Monday thinking about the impending birth of the Royal Baby… Please. What a joke that the media makes SUCH a big deal of the Royal Family. An enormous, enormous joke.

Because it’s summer, and there’s no better time of year to gorge yourself on food, I present one of my favorite stories of every summer: The bizarre and possibly heart-attack-inducing new foods at America’s state fairs.

Specifically, the Iowa State Fair, which for some reason always has the most outrageously caloric, possibly disgusting but also quite possibly awesome, array of foods.

This summer, I’m happy to report, is no different. Some of the new items making their way through the gastro-intestinal tracks of Iowans will be…

–Carmel Apple funnel cake
— maple bacon funnel cake (above, and man doesn’t it look good?)
— Jalapeno cheese corndog (OK that one sounds gross)
— bratwurst on a pretzel bun
— cajun flavored cheese curds

For the full list, and a list of flights to Iowa during the fair (kidding), click here.

**Robin Roberts has truly lived an inspiring life; the former “SportsCenter” anchor and “Good Morning America” host has battled breast cancer and won, and last year underwent a bone-marrow transplant that saved her life from a blood disease.

Even before she got sick, Roberts always struck me as authentic, an upbeat, effusive individual who exuded love.

She has become a kind of national symbol in the sports world, and last week at the ESPY awards she gave a beautiful, moving speech in receiving what to me is about as high an honor you can receive: The Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

Watch her speech, it gave me goosebumps.

**Finally, this might be the strangest crime story I’ve read in a while. I won’t give too much away because it really, really is worth a read, but here is the lede:

“A San Francisco man was acquitted Thursday of breaking into his ex-fiancée’s house and assaulting her new lover before getting sprayed with bear mace by a shirtless neighbor.”

Oh, it gets better. Other “elements” of the story include a hacky-sack circle hookup, a man sleeping in a tree, and rocks being thrown.

God bless America.


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