A father captures his son’s first year. The Michigan football coach is a mensch. And the barber to the homeless gives joy

One of my favorite Good News Fridays I’ve ever done today. Three great stories filled with heart.
First, let me introduce you to an 82-year-0ld retiree named Joe Cymerys. He lives in Hartford, Conn., and every Wednesday afternoon, he goes to Bushnell Park and sets up a lawn chair under an oak tree.
And proceeds to give homeless men and women free haircuts and shaves.
All he requires in payment? Hugs. It’s a ritual that means so much both to barber and to customers.
He’s a beautiful man with a big heart; I defy you to watch this story and not get choked up a little.

So much simple goodness in the world.

**Next up, I love this story. A 12-year-old kid in Ohio named Grant Reed was struck with cancer two years ago.

A huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan, Reed decided to name his cancer “Michigan,” because all he wanted to do was beat it.

Wolverines football coach Brady Hoke heard about Reed, and his excellent progress against the disease. Reed had his last chemotherapy treatment recently, and it looks like he’s beating “Michigan.”

So Hoke did a wonderful thing: He invited Reed and his family to the Michigan-Ohio State game this Nov. 30 in Ann Arbor.
The family and Grant are very excited, of course. Wonder if they’ll still be pulling for the Buckeyes, though, after this warm gesture by a coach who gets it.

“It’s getting hard to keep my dislike for them, because they’ve been so classy and unbelievable to us,” said Troy Reed, Grant’s dad and a former member of the Buckeyes’ marching band. “But it won’t be hard to cheer for the Buckeyes.”

**Finally today, I’ve seen videos to this effect before, but this might be the best one, and the most moving.
A man in England named Sam Cornwell decided to shoot one second of video every day for the first year of his son Indigo’s first year of life.
Watch a child grow, literally, second by second, with some beautiful music in the background.

What a joy.

One response to “A father captures his son’s first year. The Michigan football coach is a mensch. And the barber to the homeless gives joy

  1. I assume you saw the barber story on Sunday Morning. I assume there are laws about having a license in order to be a barber. I am surprised some wet blanket hasn’t tried to crack down on Joe.

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