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An intentionally-hilarious MSNBC interview about white people. My mixed feelings as Parcells goes into Hall. And grown men irrationally excited about ice cream

Sometimes, the best weapon against ignorance is not a fist, but a small tap with a feather.
I have no idea what that means, I just made it up. But my point is, sometimes the best way to break through all noise and intolerance is with a very subtle, quiet jab.
Chris Hayes is an MSNBC host, and Cord Jefferson is a guest commentator. In this brilliant six-minute interview, they stay focused, composed and serious the whole time while essentially performing something like a Monty Python sketch.

Beware, the mobs of white people, they warn us.
I thought this was brilliant.


**Bill Parcells is going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend, and I have very mixed feelings about the Big Tuna.

On the one hand, I love him for one small slice of his career. When he took over the Jets in 1997, they were a laughingstock. Check that: They would’ve had to have improved to be a laughingstock. They were 1-15 and Rich Kotite had finally been fired, and here came Parcells, riding in on his white horse from New England, where he just had taken the Patriots to the Super Bowl.

Sure, it felt a little dirty, stealing another team’s coach, and sure, Parcells’ behavior at the end in New England (basically negotiating with the Jets during Super Bowl week with the Pats) was deplorable.
But here, finally, was a reputable, big-time, proven winner to coach my Jets. We had been waiting forever for one of those, and now he was here.
And in just a couple of seasons, he had us in the AFC title game, and with a 10-0 lead at Denver before the roof caved in (Damn you Keith Byars for that fumble!).

Parcells left the Jets, and eventually coached the Cowboys very unsuccessfully. But he returned the Jets to respectability, and really, until this recent Tebow fiasco last year, they had remained there for 14 years.

Still, I can’t overlook Parcells’ many flaws. He was a bully, he was a liar (backing out of a deal to coach Tampa, then his constant declarations when he’d leave a team that “this is my last job.), and his winning percentage (.579) actually wasn’t all that great.

He’s a Hall of Famer because he won two Super Bowls and turned around three franchises (Giants, Jets, Pats), although you’d have to say that his protege Bill Belichick has had the far more successful career.

Mostly, I think Bill Parcells is a complicated person to judge. The vastly gifted writer Peter Richmond has a terrific column on Parcells up here today.

**Finally today, this was kind of sweet, I thought. Watch how the Baltimore Ravens reacted when an ice cream truck pulled up to their practice field.

Hey, if I’d been outside sweating in 90-degree heat while in full pads, I’d be dancing if I saw ice cream, too.