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30 years later, the end of “Trading Places” explained. Eli and Peyton rapping hilariously. And company sends horrible message to girls

It’s always nice to have a mystery from my childhood explained to me, like I did Tuesday.
Sadly, it’s not the mystery of why my dictator-like youth soccer coach made us do 50 wind sprints one day, nearly making us pass out.
Nor is it what the hell “ALF” really was. Those mysteries remain unsolved.

However, what the heck was really happening at the end of the classic 1980s movie “Trading Places?” That has finally been explained.
Bloomberg News got Dan Aykroyd, who along with Eddie Murphy was hilarious in the flick, to explain what Billy Ray and Louis were doing to the Duke brothers at the end, during that chaotic scene on the floor of the Exchange.

Now, I finally get it.

childrensplace2**Next, I have to call out The Children’s Place, a store I’ve never set foot in, and now never will. (Hat tip to my friend Kelley Cole for pointing this out on Facebook).

This fine establishment of kids’ clothing decided to send a really horrible message to young girls with their new line of T-shirts.
Seems that it’s not cool or necessary to be smart, or do your homework if you’re a girl.

One T-shirt reads “I’m too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me.” The other one, shown above, has boxes of “shopping,” “music” and “dance” checked off, while math is left blank with “Hey, nobody’s perfect” written underneath.
The fact that these are marketed to kids as young as 5 years old is revolting. I thought Abercrombie & Fitch had cornered the market on creepy tween marketing, but The Children’s Place is right up there with them.

**Finally, Peyton Manning has always killed me with his funny commercials and “SNL” appearances. But he and brother Eli may have hit a new high with this new DirectTV commercial.
Yes, that’s really them. Rapping. Go white boys, go.