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Social Security ignoring DOMA overturn, when it wants to. Coffee that can make you drunk. And an American “coaches” soccer in London


Apropos of nothing: I was writing this post while watching “Jerry Maguire” on TV Sunday night and it occurred to me that Cameron Crowe has made three masterpiece films in his career: “Say Anything,” “Almost Famous,” and the one with Rod Tidwell screaming “Show me the Money!” That’s a hell of a career right there, three masterpieces. Also I will never tire of the “Jerry Maguire” scene where Jerry starts singing “Free Fallin'” after keeping Cush. Love it. OK, on with the show…

I just think it’s great when certain parts of the federal government decide to ignore rulings and laws made by other parts of the federal government, don’t you?

As you probably know, the Supreme Court in May struck down the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional and wrong, thereby allowing gay couples to gain benefits accorded to heterosexual couples.

However, check this out. According to this story, the Social Security Administration is limiting payment of claims for same-sex married couples currently to those couples who were married in a state the allows same-sex couples to marry and are “domiciled,” or live, in a state that recognizes same-sex couples’ marriages.

So basically, the rules that cover the ENTIRE U.S. only apply to you if you live in a state where gay marriage is legal, or if you were married in a state where gay marriage is legal.

The decision means claims from same-sex couples married where such couples can legally marry but who live in a state that does not recognize such marriages are having their applications put on hold for the time being.

Ridiculous. This ought to get more attention, and hopefully it will. Supreme Court decisions don’t apply only to certain states, last I heard.

**Next, this video has been around for a week or so but since it’s about soccer, I ignored it. However, enough people told me it was hilarious that I finally broke down and watched it.
And it’s fabulous. It’s an NBC promo for their new contract to air the English Premier League soccer matches, and they tapped Jason Sudeikis to do this sketch called “An American Coach in London.”

My favorite part: “How many countries does this country have?” “Four?”

**Finally today, for those coffee-holics among you, more reason to love the beverage that millions can’t live without. Apparently now researchers have found a way to turn used coffee grounds into an alcoholic beverage.

Check this story for details, but it all has to do with heating the coffee grounds in water, separating out the liquid, adding sugar, mixing in yeast cells, yada yada yada.

I think this is fabulous. Because nothing has ever gone wrong when a person is hopped up on caffeine and also drunk.