Daily Archives: August 15, 2013

“The Honest Toddler” site cracks me up. A Reebok product that may stop concussions. And finally, a roof at Ashe Stadium.


Quick update to Wednesday’s blog: Well, I’ll be darned. A mere 12 hours after I wrote that blog saying how frustrating it was waiting for our new NYC condo board to approve our apartment rental, I got a call from our broker this morning telling us we got approved. Cosmically, I think they read my blog and acted fast, knowing the immense power my site has (yeah, right).

So the movie “Look Who’s Talking” has always been one of my guilty pleasure flicks, since I think it was very creative at the time. There had never been a movie seen through a baby’s point of view, and it was quite a clever conceit.

Well, now we have a website that’s kinda the same, but even better. My friend Scott on Facebook pointed me toward “The Honest Toddler,” a site written from the POV of a toddler who’s, well, honest.

A sampling of the hilarious posts:

— Dear Mr. Spider (or can I call you Itsy?),

First, I’m a big fan of your work. Your music has seen me through a lot of difficult times: incisors, for one. When I was younger I’d ask for your song on repeat during car trips. I know all of the lyrics and even the lesser known corresponding hand movements. But that’s not why I’m reaching out.

I’m writing you today because I’m worried. I know lots of famous musicians live a fast-paced lifestyle but how many spouts is it going to take before you make a change?

— This post is for Adults-Only. If balsamic vinegar has a special place in your heart, keep reading (fool).

“I want to discuss something serious right now so put your phone screen-side down on the table. In parks, libraries, and play centers across the nation toddlers are being peer pressured to partake in an activity so dangerous, so disturbing that it makes thousands of us cry out the nose daily. I’m talking about sharing.”

I think it’s very, very clever. For more from The Honest Toddler, check out the site here.

**Next up, with the issue of concussions in pro football getting worse and worse, it’s been heartening to see the issue getting more and more attention from leagues and teams.

Now, Reebok has come up with a remarkable new product called the “Checklight,” which is an impact sensor for the head which can be worn under a helmet and records the number of hits at different intensities. It even has a flashing indicator recommending for players to be removed after enough dramatic hits.

Very, very cool. And hopefully to be used in every football league from Pop Warner to the NFL.

**Finally today, an enormous “It’s about time!” was shouted by me and my fellow tennis-loving brethren today, as the USTA announced that Arthur Ashe Stadium, home of the U.S. Open, would finally be getting a roof in the next few years (And yes, I’m officially excited to be going to the Open three of the first five days in the first week of the tournament. I’m a little obsessed, you might say).

If you’ve suffered the frustration of five consecutive years of rain-delayed, or postponed, U.S. Open semifinals and finals, you’ll realize how ludicrous it is that all the other Grand Slams have or are getting covered stadiums, but the USTA kept insisting it couldn’t put one over the court in Flushing Meadows.

Somehow, they’ve now miraculously figured out how to do it. With all the money that tournament takes in, I’m glad they’ve finally prioritized something important: Actually having live tennis for the paying customers to see.