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Good News Friday: A beautiful interaction at a Brewers game. My annual Jim Murray tribute. And a novel way of telling someone they’re gonna be a Grandma


First up on Good News Friday today, we have a very cool and seemingly random story out of Milwaukee.

A woman named Sarah went to a Brewers baseball game recently with her two sons, and had such a wonderful experience with a total stranger that she wrote wrote an open letter to “The Mystery Man in Section 113, Row 17, Seat 22” on her blog.

In it, Sarah talks about this stranger playing with her kids kindly throughout the game (that’s them, above), encouraging them about catching foul balls, and then at the end of the game, taking him down to the dugout to try to get a ball from one of the players.

If that was the whole story, it would be a nice, sweet tale of two strangers. But it gets better. I urge you to click here and read Sarah’s post, and the updates below the awesome photos.

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

**Next up, I thought this was kind of sweet. This couple from Florida, Sean and Lynn Kreps, were trying to come up with a unique way to tell Sean’s mom that Lynn was pregnant.

And so they led her on a little scavenger hunt around their kitchen until she opened the oven. To find… you guessed it, a bun.

I love the smile on the mother’s face when she discovers it. So cute.


**And finally today, it’s August 16, which means three things: It’s my father’s birthday (Happy birthday Dad!), it’s one day before my 38th birthday (Man, I’m old…) and it’s time for my annual tribute to the greatest sportswriter who ever lived, on the anniversary of his death.

Jim Murray died on Aug. 16, 1998, and to say he was one of my writing heroes is a massive understatement.

Murray wasn’t just a great sportswriter for the L.A. Times; he was a storyteller, a comedian, and a man who wrote with a tremendous heart. He wrote now-legendary lines like “Rickey Henderson’s strike zone is smaller than Hitler’s heart” and “Gentlemen, start your coffins,” at the Indy 500.

He also said, of the in-his-prime Muhammad Ali, “I’d like to borrow his body for just 48 hours. There are three guys I’d like to beat up and four women I’d like to make love to.” and that former Lakers star Elgin Baylor “was as unstoppable as a woman’s tears.”

If you’ve never read the former L.A. Times columnist, here are a couple of my favorite pieces by him. The first is a beautiful elegy to his late wife, (he describes her as “a champion at living”) and the second is his heartfelt “obituary” to his left eye, which had finally completely failed him (the last three paragraphs are just so perfect).

If you want to read a couple of pieces that will make you laugh and maybe make you cry, there’s no one better than Jim Murray.

And rest in peace, Jim Murray, the greatest there ever was.