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The NYC real estate developer who wants a “poor door.” Mike Tyson plays “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.” A U.S. journalist calls out Russia on their state TV.


**Going to Yankee Stadium Thursday afternoon, where I hope to lustily boo Alex Rodriguez, now easily No.1 on my least favorite Yankees ever…

Well, this story had my jaw dropping.
I wish I could say this is from The Onion, or some other satirical website or publication, but nope, it’s apparently real.

A real estate outfit in NYC called Extell Development Company has a new building planned between 61st and 62nd Street on Riverside Blvd. here in Manhattan, on the Upper West Side.
And what they have proposed is something that has to be a first: They want to have a separate door for people living in the “affordable housing” section of the building, and a separate entrance for the wealthy tenants.
Why? It’s a legal maneuver that will allow Extell to collect major tax breaks.

According to this story, “floors two through six of the building will be available only to residents earning less than 60 percent of the area median income, putting them under the “affordable” umbrella. Those five floors are part of the exact same building as the luxury condos, but because of the separate entrance they could be legally designated as a separate entity. So technically, [the developer] would have an entire building consisting of affordable housing. On paper, this makes the project eligible for subsidies ostensibly meant to protect lower-income tenants, not move them out of sight.”

Is this not one of the most ridiculous things you’ve ever heard? A separate entrance for the poor people living in your building? I’m sorry, has New York City suddenly become Birmingham, Alabama in the 1950s? Will the laundry rooms and elevators in the place also be separated by income? “Sorry sir, before I let you ride this elevator with me, let me see your last W-2.”

I mean, there’s greed, there’s Donald Trump-level greed, and then there’s Extell Development. What a disgrace.

**You know, I’ve said this before but we’ve reached a point with Mike Tyson that I will watch anything he does, because it’s almost guaranteed to be funny.

And so I give you the brilliance of Mike Tyson, playing the old classic Nintendo game “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.”

**Finally today, some kudos to an American journalist I’d never heard of before today. A man named Jamie Kirchick was asked to be on Russia state television channel RT to talk about the Bradley Manning verdict.

Instead, Kendrick used his time to talk about Russia’s horrendous new anti-gay laws and browbeat his hosts.
This should be an enormous story every day, everywhere, leading up to the Olympics. It should be shined a light upon by NBC, which pays billions to broadcast the Olympics and therefore won’t touch this issue, and every other major media outlet.