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Another senseless murder, thanks to a gun. The difference between men and women. And sleep-texting is now a thing.

Two quick thoughts today before I head-off for 3 of the next 4 days of U.S. Open worship in Queens (and on the other day we’re moving to our new apartment, so I may miss a blog day or two this week:)
— Babysat for my awesome 8-year-old nephew for a full 24-hour stint Sunday/Monday for the first time. Moral of the day: Parenting is hard. But fun.
— Serena Williams waxed Franchesca Schiavone in the first round of the Open Tuesday night. This was the highlight of the match: Schiavone getting a pity hug from the ballboy.

It really upsets me to keep bringing attention to these stories. But even if my blog has 1/100th the readership of other major ones, I feel it’s important to keep highlighting senseless gun violence, as it occurs so damn regularly in America.

Check out this tale from Louisiana, where an 8-year-old boy intentionally shot and killed his 87-year-old grandmother, Marie Smothers, after playing a violent video game. (I am not blaming the video game, of course, though some of them are brutally violent these days.)

The story reads: “Although the boy initially told investigators that he accidentally shot the woman Thursday while playing with a firearm, the probe led authorities to believe he “intentionally shot Mrs. Smothers in the back of the head as she sat in her living room watching television,” the sheriff’s department statement said.”

Again, WHY is there a gun around the house where an 8-year-old could get to it? I know the boy will not be charged because he’s too young; can we start more seriously prosecuting parents who are this willfully and criminally negligient, please?

**Next, we offer this video with the comment of, “Yeah, I could’ve predicted some of these reactions.”

I still laughed pretty hard. The uncomfortableness is off the charts, especially with the guy at 1:02.


**Finally, in one more sign that our society has gone a little bit overboard with our cellphones: Sleep-texting. It’s now a thing.

According to this story, sleep-disorder specialists are reporting that sleep-texting, which a person may perform several times over the course of a single night, is an alarming trend.

Forget sleep-talking; that’s so old school. Now, it’s all about texting in your sleep, apparently.

Am I the only person left in America who turns their phone OFF when they go to sleep? Because that would pretty much solve this problem.

This part of the story was pretty funny, though:

“Of course, sleep-texting can cause some embarrassing situations. Elizabeth Dowdell, a professor of nursing at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, has investigated the phenomenon of sleep-texting among college students.

One young woman Dowdell studied had a habit of sending gushing, romantic texts to platonic friends. “A classmate texted her something about anatomy class, and her reply back was, ‘I just love it. I love you! You’re the light of my life,'” Dowdell told US News & World Report. “Then, there was an old boyfriend who texted her, and she sent responses like, ‘I adore you, please come over,’ while she was asleep. She was mortified when she realized.”

How’d you like to be that guy showing up at the ex-girlfriend’s door, all excited to be with her, only to find her asleep?